Research and Exposition in Mathematics

Edited by

K. H. Hofmann and R. Wille

Technical University of Darmstadt

G. Eigenthaler and M. Goldstern
Vienna University of Technology

This lecture notes series reports on new developments in mathematical
research -- quickly, informally, at a high level, and at a moderate price.

Vol 35

Ivan Chajda, Jan Paseka
Algebraic Approach to Tense Operators

Vol 34

Miroslav Haviar, Michal Ivaska
Vertex Labellings of Simple Graphs

Vol 33

Petar Pavesic, Renzo A. Piccinini
Fibrations and their Classification

Vol 32

Ivan Chajda, Helmut Länger
Directoids. An Algebraic Approach to Ordered Sets

Vol 31

Gábor Lukács
Compact-like Topological Groups

Vol 30

Ivan Chajda, Radomír Halaš, Jan Kühr
Semilattice Structures

Vol 29

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Generalized Semi-Infinite Optimization and Related Topics

Vol 28

Vladislav V. Kravchenko
Applied Quaternionic Analysis

Vol 27

J. Mennicke, Jung Rae Cho (eds.)
Group Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology.
German-Korean Workshop, Pusan 2000

Vol 26

I. Chajda, G. Eigenthaler, H. Länger
Congruence Classes in Universal Algebra

Vol 25

I. Bajo, E. Sanmartin (eds.)
Recent Advances in Lie Theory

Vol 24

E. Martín Peinador, J. Núńez García (eds.)
Nuclear Groups and Lie Groups

Vol 23

K. A. Baker, R. Wille (eds.)
Lattice Theory and its Applications.
In Celebration of Garrett Birkhoff's 80th Birthday

Vol 22

W. Krabs
Optimal Control of Undamped Linear Vibrations

Vol 21

K. Denecke, O. Lüders (eds.)
General Algebra and Discrete Mathematics

Vol 20

K. Denecke, H.-J. Vogel (eds.)
General Algebra and Applications

Vol 19

A. Romanowska, J. D. H. Smith (eds.)
Universal Algebra and Quasigroup Theory

Vol 18

H. Herrlich, H.-E. Porst (eds.)
Category Theory at Work

Vol 17

E.-A. Behrens
Arithmetical Completely Simple Semigroups

Vol 16

Z. Frolik (ed.)
General Topology and its Relations to
Modern Analysis and Algebra VI

Vol 15

K. H. Hofmann, R. Wille (eds.)
Symmetry of Discrete Mathematical Structures and
Their Symmetry Groups. A Collection of Essays

Vol 14

S. Wolfenstein (ed.)
Algebra and Order

Vol 13

W. Taylor
The Clone of a Topological Space

Vol 12

W. H. Cornish
Antimorphic Action. Categories of Algebraic Structures
with Involutions or Anti-Endomorphisms

Vol 11

R. Lowen
On the Existence of Natural Non-Topological,
Fuzzy Topological Spaces

Vol 10

G. Mazzola
Gruppen und Kategorien in der Musik.
Entwurf einer mathematischen Musiktheorie

Vol 9

A. B. Romanowska, J. D. H. Smith
Modal Theory. An Algebraic Approach to Order,
Geometry, and Convexity

Vol 8

G. Reinelt
The Linear Ordering Problem. Algorithms and Applications

Vol 7

M. Jünger
Polyhedral Combinatorics and the Acyclic Subdigraph Problem

Vol 6

Yu. A. Kutoyants
Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Processes

Vol 5

Li Weixuan
Optimal Sequential Block Search

Vol 4

P. Burmeister, B. Ganter, C. Herrmann, K. Keimel,
W. Poguntke, R. Wille (eds.)
Universal Algebra and its Links with Logic, Algebra,
Combinatorics and Computer Science

Vol 3

L. Butz
Connectivity in Multi-Factor Designs. A Combinatorial Approach

Vol 2

J. Dauns
A Concrete Approach to Division Rings

Vol 1

R. T. Rockafellar
The Theory of Subgradients and its Applications to Problems
of Optimization. Convex and Nonconvex Functions