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Research and Exposition in Mathematics -- Volume 19

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A. Romanowska, J. D. H. Smith (eds.)

Universal Algebra and Quasigroup Theory

250 p., soft cover, ISBN 3-88538-219-9, EUR 35.00, 1992

The two fields of universal algebra and quasigroup theory have long enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. Universal algebraic principles reveal that quasigroup theory may achieve the depth and applicability of group theory. On the other hand, concepts from quasigroup theory (such as centrality and isotopy) are now having a marked influence on the general course of universal algebra. The 10 papers in this volume present results ranging across the spectrum from universal algebra to quasigroup theory, the fruit of recent interaction between schools in Central Europe and North America.


W. J. Blok, D. L. Pigozzi
Algebraic Semantics for Universal Horn Logic Without Equality

G. Graetzer, A. Kisielewicz
A Survey of Some Open Problems on pn-Sequences and Free Sprectra of Algebras and Varieties

A. A. Gvaramiya, B. I. Plotkin
The Homotopies of Quasigroups and Universal Algebras

K. W. Johnson
Some Historical Aspects of the Representation Theory of Groups and its Extension to Quasigroups

T. Kepka
Multiplication Groups of Quasigroups and Loops

J. Plonka, A. Romanowska
Semilattice Sums

R. W. Quackenbush
Quasigroups, Universal Algebra and Combinatorics

A. Romanowska
Mal'cev Modes, Affine Spaces and Barycentric Algebras

J. D. H. Smith
Quasigroups Representation Theory

A. Szendrei
A Survey on Strictly Simple Algebras and Minimal Varieties