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Research and Exposition in Mathematics -- Volume 15

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K. H. Hofmann, R. Wille (eds.)

Symmetry of Discrete Mathematical Structures and Their Symmetry Groups.
A Collection of Essays

180 p., soft cover, ISBN 3-88538-215-6, EUR 35.00, 1991

It has been said that, in mathematics, the 20th century became the century of symmetry. The editors make an attempt to elucidate this point of view by presenting five articles on different aspects of this subject:
J. Bokowski: On the geometric flat embedding of abstract complexes with symmetries;
A. Dress: Repetition und Metamorphose - zum Symmetriebegriff in der Mathematik;
K. H. Hofmann: Symmetrie und Homogenitšt;
E. Schulte, J. M. Wills: Combinatorially regular polyhedra in three-space;
R. Wille: Symmetrie -- Versuch einer Begriffsbestimmung.

The books contains numerous coloured figures and photographs.