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Research and Exposition in Mathematics -- Volume 24

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E. Martín Peinador, J. Núñez García (eds.)

Nuclear Groups and Lie Groups

258 p., soft cover, ISBN 3-88538-224-5, EUR 36.00, 2001

The 14 articles in this volume are elaborations of selected lectures by leading experts held at a conference at the University Complutense of Madrid in September 1999.


Foreword, v--viii

L. Aussenhofer:
A Survey on Nuclear Groups
1--30 [Abstract]

W. Banaszczyk:
Theorems of Bochner and Levy for Nuclear Groups
31--44 [Abstract]

O. Blasco:
Bilinear Maps and Convolutions
45--56 [Abstract]

W. W. Comfort, S. Hernandez, D. Remus, F. J. Trigos-Arrieta:
Some Open Questions on Topological Groups
57--76 [Abstract]

E. Corbacho Rosas, D. Dikranjan, V. Tarieladze:
Absorption Adjunctable Semigroups
77--104 [Abstract]

D. Dikranjan:
The Lattice of Group Topologies and Compact Representations
105--126 [Abstract]

X. Dominguez, V. Tarieladze:
GP-Nuclear Groups
127--162 [Abstract]

H. Glöckner, K.-H. Neeb:
Minimally Almost Periodic Abelian Groups and Commutative W*-Algebras
163--186 [Abstract]

P. Matysiak:
Non-Reflexive Closed Connected Subgroups of Banach Spaces
187--196 [Abstract]

M. G. Megrelishvili:
Operator Topologies and Reflexive Representability
197--208 [Abstract]

M. G. Megrelishvili, V. G. Pestov, V. V. Uspenskij:
A Note on the Precompactness of Weakly Almost Periodic Groups
209--216 [Abstract]

R. Steglinski:
Quotient Groups of Normed Spaces for which the Bochner Theorem Fails Completely
217--225 [Abstract]

W. Wojtynski:
An Introduction to String Lie Theory
227--238 [Abstract]

M. Wüstner:
A Short Survey on the Surjectivity of Exponential Lie Groups
239--250 [Abstract]