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Research and Exposition in Mathematics -- Volume 27

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Jens Mennicke, Jung Rae Cho (eds.)

Group Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology.
German-Korean Workshop, Pusan 2000

xii + 182 pages, soft cover, ISBN 3-88538-227-X, EUR 30.00, 2003

This volume presents a selection of worked-out lectures that were held at the 2nd German-Korean Workshop on Algebra and Topology which took place at Pusan, Korea, in August 2000. The papers present surveys and new results primarily in the fields of Group Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology that have not been published elsewhere.


Preface vii

P. Ackermann, M. Näätänen, G. Rosenberger
The Arithmetic Fuchsian Groups with Signature (0; 2, 2, 2, q)
1--10 [Abstract]

R. Brown, M. Bullejos, T. Porter
Crossed Complexes, Free Crossed Resolutions and Graph Products of Groups
11--26 [Abstract]

C. M. Campbell, P. P. Campbell, B. T. K. Hopson, E. F. Robertson
On the Efficiency of Direct Powers of PGL(2, p)
27--34 [Abstract]

D. A. Derevnin, Ann Chi Kim
The Coxeter Prisms in H3
35--50 [Abstract]

D. Hennig, G. Rosenberger
Recent Developments in the Theory of Fuchsian and Kleinian Groups
51--64 [Abstract]

Ann Chi Kim, Yangkok Kim
On Generalized Whitehead Links and 3-Manifolds
65--72 [Abstract]

Jae-Ryong Kim, Moo Ha Woo
Topology Fields and Fixed Points of Flows
73--82 [Abstract]

E. Kudryavtseva, R. Weidmann, H. Zieschang
Quadratic Equations in Free Groups and Topological Applications
83--122 [Abstract] [Abstract-pdf]

A. Mednykh, A. Vesnin
Colourings of Polyhedra and Hyperelliptic 3-Manifolds
123--132 [Abstract]

J. Mennicke
Linear Groups over Rings of Integers
133--140 [Abstract] [Abstract-pdf]

Ch. Menzel, J. R. Parker
Pseudo-Anosov Diffeomorphisms of the Twice Punctured Torus
141--154 [Abstract]

M. Mulazzani
3-Manifolds with Cyclic Symmetry and (1,1)-Knots
155--162 [Abstract]

A. Szczepanski
Holonomy Groups of Crystallographic Groups with Finite Outer Automorphism Groups
163--166 [Abstract]

K.-I. Tahara
Survey on Dimension Subgroup Problem
167--182 [Abstract]