Sigma Series in Stochastics

edited by

Frank Beichelt

University of the Witwatersrand
School of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Private Bag 3, WITS 2050
Johannesburg, South Africa
and John Sheil

National University of Ireland
Department of Industrial Engineering

The editors express their hope that this Series will contribute towards
establishing "Stochastics" as an independent, mathematically based science, the subject
of which is uncertainty generated by ignorance and randomness.
A detailed formulation of the approach is laid out in the Preface to this Series.

The Sigma Series in Stochastics is open for monographs, textbooks, multiple author
works and conference proceedings written in English language which contribute
to the advancement of "Stochastics" as an independent branch of science.

Vol 1

E. von Collani (ed.)
Defining the Science of Stochastics

Vol 2

Elart von Collani, Karl Baur
Was zum Teufel ist Qualität ?

Vol 3

Jürg Kohlas, Paul-André Monney
Statistical Information. Assumption-Based Statistical Inference