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Sigma Series in Stochastics  -- Volume 1

E. von Collani (ed.)

Defining the Science of Stochastics

260 pages, hard cover, ISBN 3-88538-301-2, EUR 30.00, 2004

The contributions to this volume are revised and updated versions of lectures delivered at the Symposium "Defining the Science of Stochastics", which took place at Schloss Zeilitzheim, Germany, in October 2000. The authors reflect on the history and nature of statistical science and propose to establish "Stochastics" as an independent, mathematically based science, the subject of which is uncertainty generated by ignorance and randomness.


Samuel Kotz
Some Personal Reflections on the History and State of Statistical Science
3--22 [Abstract]

Ulrich Herkenrath
Stochastics: The Science of Modelling, Measuring and Mastering Randomness and Uncertainty
23--36 [Abstract]

Vladimir Kalashnikov
Quantification in Stochastics and the Stability Concept
37--70 [Abstract]

Jürg Kohlas
Reliability of Arguments
73--94 [Abstract]

Cristian S. Calude
Who Is Afraid of Randomness?
95--116 [Abstract]

Takeyuki Hida
White Noise Theory and Physics
117--132 [Abstract]

Monica Dumitrescu
The Curriculum Issue: Where, When and How Can We Teach Stochastics?
135--146 [Abstract]

Elart von Collani
Theoretical Stochastics
147--174 [Abstract]

Elart von Collani
Empirical Stochastics
175--214 [Abstract]

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