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Sigma Series in Applied Mathematics

Edited by D. J. White
University of Manchester

This series presents introductory books to fields of applied mathematics.
In special cases, the authors guide the reader up to current topics of research.

Vol 1

V. N. Lagunov
Introduction to Differential Games and Control Theory

Vol 2

F. J. Gould, J. W. Tolle
Complementary Pivoting on a Pseudomanifold Structure
with Applications in the Decision Sciences

Vol 3

K. G. Murty
Linear Complementarity, Linear and Nonlinear Programming

Vol 4

B. D. Craven
Fractional Programming

Vol 5

M. A. Krasnosel'skij, E. A. Lifshits, A. V. Sobolev
Positive Linear Systems. The Method of Positive Operators

Vol 6

W. Krabs
Mathematical Foundations of Signal Theory

Vol 7

R. Butt
Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra with MATLAB