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Sigma Series in Applied Mathematics -- Volume 7

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Rizwan Butt

Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra

xiv+520 pages, hard cover, ISBN 978-3-88538-407-6, EUR 68.00, 2008

This book has been written as an introductory and advanced course in applied linear algebra for mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, and other scientists. The intention is to provide a gentle and sympathic introduction to many of the problems of scientific computing, and the wide variety of methods used for their solutions. The presentation of each numerical method is based on the successful teaching methodology of first providing examples and geometric motivation for a method, and a concise statement of the steps to carry out the computation. Only then a mathematical derivation of the process is presented, followed by a discussion of the more theoretical issues that are relevant to the use and understanding of the method. To provide maximum teaching flexibility, each chapter and each section begins with the basic, elementary material, and gradually builds up to the more advanced material. Many applications of linear systems and eigenvalue problems are also discussed. It exposes students to theoretical, applied, and numerical mathematics and has applications in a diverse range of disciplines.

The practical justification of the methods is presented through computer examples through the use of MATLAB. This book explains everything one needs to know to begin using MATLAB to do all these things and more intermediate and advanced users will find useful information here, especially if they are making the switch to MATLAB 7.4 from the earlier versions. The book is written in such a way that it will be very helpful for juniors and seniors in mathematics, computer science, engineering, and physics.

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Prof. Rizwan Butt is an academic staff member and holds the position of an associated professor at the King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Leeds, UK in 1989. He teaches numerical analysis and applied linear algebra to a wide range of engineering and science students. He has written two books on numerical analysis on the undergraduate and graduate level. His research area is optimization and numerical analysis, in particular Optimal Shape Design Problems and Variational Inequalities. He has written numerous research articles published in reknown Mathematical Journals.