Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 21 (2011)

 Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4 

Number 1 [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]
M. Bulois
Sheets of Symmetric Lie Algebras and Slodowy Slices
1--54 [Abstract / Full Text]

T. B. Madsen, A. Swann
Invariant Strong KT Geometry on Four-Dimensional Solvable Lie Groups
55--70 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Podkopaeva
On the Jacobson Element and Generators of the Lie Algebra grt in Nonzero Characteristic
71--78 [Abstract / Full Text]

K. Nishiyama, H. Ochiai
Double Flag Varieties for a Symmetric Pair and Finiteness of Orbits
79--99 [Abstract / Full Text]

C. Jiang, J. Jiang, Y. Pei
Structure of the Local Area-Preserving Lie Algebra for the Klein Bottle
101--122 [Abstract / Full Text]

B. Blind
Algèbres de Jordan et Théorie des Invariants
123--144 [Abstract / Full Text]

X. Xu
A Cubic E6-Generalization of the Classical Theorem on Harmonic Polynomials
145--164 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Brega, L. Cagliero, J. Tirao
The Image of the Lepowsky Homomorphism for SO(n,1) and SU(n,1)
165--188 [Abstract / Full Text]

F. Fourati
Dirichlet Distribution and Orbital Measures
189--203 [Abstract / Full Text]

L. Fresse
On the Singularity of some Special Components of Springer Fibers
205--242 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 2 [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]
A. Boussejra
Boundary Behavior of Poisson Integrals on Boundaries of Symmetric Spaces
243--261 [Abstract / Full Text]

K. Kaveh
Note on Cohomology Rings of Spherical Varieties and Volume Polynomial
263--283 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. V. Le
Orbits in Real Zm-Graded Semisimple Lie Algebras
285--305 [Abstract / Full Text]

W. Krynski, I. Zelenko
Canonical Frames for Distributions of Odd Rank and Corank 2 with Maximal First Kronecker Index
307--346 [Abstract / Full Text]

K. H. Hofmann, S. A. Morris
The Structure of Almost Connected Pro-Lie Groups
347--383 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Figula
On the Multiplication Groups of Three-Dimensional Topological Loops
385--415 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Kovacevic
Real forms of dual pairs g2×h in g of type E6, E7 and E8
417--426 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. An, D. Yang
Nonabelian Harmonic Analysis and Functional Equations on Compact Groups
427--456 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Lee, X. Chen, S. H. Choi, K.-B. Nam
Automorphism Groups of Some Stable Lie Algebras
457--468 [Abstract / Full Text]

Y. Z. Flicker
The Tame Algebra
469--489 [Abstract / Full Text]

F. Saeedi, A. R. Salemkar, B. Edalatzadeh
The Commutator Subalgebra and Schur Multiplier of a Pair of Nilpotent Lie Algebras
491--498 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 3 [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]
F. Bernon, T. Przebinda
Boundedness of the Cauchy Harish-Chandra Integral
499--613 [Abstract / Full Text]

F. Bernon, T. Przebinda
Normalization of the Cauchy Harish-Chandra Integral
615--702 [Abstract / Full Text]

Ya. S. Krylyouk
The Enveloping Algebra of the Petrogradsky-Shestakov-Zelmanov Algebra is not Graded-Nil in the Critical Characteristics
703--709 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. C. DeCoste, L. DeMeyer, M. B. Mast
Characterizations of Heisenberg-like Lie Algebras
711--727 [Abstract / Full Text]

Y. Chen, W. Liu
Finite-Dimensional Odd Contact Superalgebras over a Field of Prime Characteristic
729--754 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 4 [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]
H. Ishi, S. Yamaji
Some Estimates of the Bergman Kernel of Minimal Bounded Homogeneous Domains
755--769 [Abstract / Full Text]

I. Beltita, D. Beltita
On Differentiability of Vectors in Lie Group Representations
771--785 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Ottazzi, B. Warhurst
Contact and 1-Quasiconformal Maps on Carnot Groups
787--811 [Abstract / Full Text]

F. Ammar, Z. Ejbehi, A. Makhlouf
Cohomology and Deformations of Hom-algebras
813--836 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Barbasch, D. Ciubotaru
Reducibility of Generic Unipotent Standard Modules
837--846 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. He
Unitary Representations and the Heisenberg Parabolic Subgroup
847--860 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. Mehdi, R. Parthasarathy
Cubic Dirac Cohomology for Generalized Enright-Varadarajan Modules
861--884 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. Kaneyuki
Automorphism Groups of Causal Makarevich Spaces
885--904 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Caspers, E. Koelink
Modular Properties of Matrix Coefficients of Corepresentations of a Locally Compact Quantum Group
905--928 [Abstract / Full Text]

K. Ben Abdeljelil
The Integrability of the Periodic Full Kostant-Toda Lattice on a Simple Lie Algebra
929--960 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Kollross
Duality of Symmetric Spaces and Polar Actions
961--986 [Abstract / Full Text]

K. Hare, P. Skoufranis
The Smoothness of Orbital Measures on Exceptional Lie Groups and Algebras
987--1007 [Abstract / Full Text]