Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Volume 18 (2014)

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C. P. Avelino, A. F. Santos
The Differentiable Manifold of Spherical Deltoids: Their Classification
1--6 [Abstract / Full Text]

C.-S. Barbat
A Generalization of Ivory's Theorem
7--21 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Kosinka, M. Lávicka
Pythagorean Hodograph Curves: A Survey of Recent Advances
23--43 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Matsuura
Asymptotic Behaviour of the Maximum Curvature of Lamé Curves
45--59 [Abstract / Full Text]

B. Odehnal
A Triad of Circles Externally Tangent to the Nine-Point Circle and Internally Tangent to Two Sides of a Triangle
61--71 [Abstract / Full Text]

V. Oxman, M. Stupel, A. Sigler
Geometric Constructions for Geometric Optics Using a Straightedge Only
73--79 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Sarioglugil, A. Tutar, H. Stachel
On Relaxed Elastic Lines of Second Kind on a Curved Hypersurface in the n-Dimensional Euclidean Space
81--95 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Schadlbauer, H.-P. Schröcker
Orthogonality Relations for Tetrahedra in Elliptic and Hyperbolic Space
97--104 [Abstract / Full Text]

F. Gruber, G. Wallner
Polygonization of Line Skeletons by Using Equipotential Surfaces -- A Practical Description
105--114 [Abstract / Full Text]

E. Danilov
Descriptive Geometry for CAD Users: Ribs Construction
115--124 [Abstract / Full Text]

G. Maresch
Strategies for Assessing Spatial Ability Tasks
125--132 [Abstract / Full Text]

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S. Abu-Saymeh, M. Hajja, H. Stachel
Equicevian Points and Cubics of a Triangle
133--157 [Abstract / Full Text]

B. Blaschitz
Skinning of Circles and Spheres by Geometric Optimization in Minkowski Space
159--172 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. K. Davala, G. K. Panda
On Polygons with Coordinates of Vertices from Fibonacci and Lucas Sequences
173--182 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Klawitter
Null Polarities as Generators of the Projective Group
183--197 [Abstract / Full Text]

V. Oxman, M. Stupel, A. Sigler
Surprising Relations Between the Areas of Triangles in the Configuration of Routh's Theorem
199--203 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Pech
On a 3D Extension of the Simson-Wallace Theorem
205--215 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. Stamatakis, I. Kaffas, I.-I. Papadopoulou
Characterizations of Ruled Surfaces in R3 and of Hyperquadrics in Rn+1 via Relative Geometric Invariants
217--223 [Abstract / Full Text]

C. Leopold
Perspective Concepts - Exploring Seeing and Representation of Space
225--238 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Hast
How to Promote Student Creativity and Learning Using Tutorials in Teaching Graphics and Visualisation
239--247 [Abstract / Full Text]

K. Suzuki
Traditional Descriptive Geometry Education in the 3D-CAD/CG Era
249--258 [Abstract / Full Text]