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Journal of Convex Analysis

Information for Authors

Papers submitted to this journal should be written in English. Only unpublished
material can be accepted, and authors may not republish their paper in the same or
similar form. With the acceptance of a paper for publicaton all rights related to the
reproduction pass to Heldermann Verlag.

Papers are expected to be written using TeX. They should be submitted by email or,
in exceptional cases, in the form of three hardcopies to the Managing Editor:

Prof. Dr. L. Thibault
Laboratoire d'Analyse Convexe
Dept. de Mathématique, Case 051
Université Montpellier II
Place E. Bataillon
34095 Montpellier Cedex 5


The layout of the paper should be chosen according to the papers already published.
A sample paper is available from the Editorial Office.
Final formatting is made by the Publisher.

No page charge is made. Authors receive the pdf-file of the final version of their article
from the publisher upon request.