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Journal of Convex Analysis 28 (2021), No. 4, 1171--1186
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2021

On the Construction of Maximal p-Cyclically Monotone Operators

Orestes Bueno
Universidad del Pacífico, Lima, Peru

John Cotrina
Universidad del Pacífico, Lima, Peru

We deal with the construction of explicit examples of maximal p-cyclically monotone operators. To date, there is only one instance of an explicit example of a maximal 2-cyclically monotone operator that is not maximal monotone. We present a systematic way to construct this kind of examples, along with several explicit examples.

Keywords: Maximal p-cyclically monotone operators, p-cyclically monotone polar.

MSC: 47H04, 47H05, 49J53.

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