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Journal of Convex Analysis 13 (2006), No. 3, 799--822
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2006

Coderivative Calculus and Robust Lipschitzian Stability of Variational Systems

Boris S. Mordukhovich
Dept. of Mathematics, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202, U.S.A.

The paper deals with a broad class of parametric variational systems in infinite-dimensional spaces and mainly concerns their robust Lipschitzian stability with respect to parameter perturbations. We develop a local sensitivity analysis for such systems based on advanced tools of generalized differentiation. A special attention is paid to variational systems arising as solution maps to variational inequalities, problems of parametric optimization, and their extensions. A number of the results obtained are new even in finite-dimensional settings.

Keywords: Variational analysis, generalized differentiation, coderivatives, robust Lipschitzian stability, parametric variational systems.

MSC: 49J52, 58C06, 90C31

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