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Sigma Series in Pure Mathematics

Edited by

B. Banaschewski, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
H. Herrlich, Universitšt Bremen, Germany
M. Husek, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

This series presents books which introduce to fields of pure mathematics
and offer approaches in varying extent to current research topics.

Vol 1

H. Herrlich, G. E. Strecker
Category Theory

Vol 2

J. Nagata
Modern Dimension Theory

Vol 3

J. Novak (ed.)
General Topology and its Relations to
Modern Analysis and Algebra V

Vol 4

R. Engelking, K. Sieklucki
Topology. A Geometric Approach

Vol 5

H. L. Bentley, H. Herrlich, M. Rajagopalan, H. Wolff (eds.)
Categorical Topology

Vol 6

R. Engelking
General Topology

Vol 7

H. O. Pflugfelder
Quasigroups and Loops. An Introduction

Vol 8

O. Chein, H. O. Pflugfelder, J. D. H. Smith (eds.)
Quasigroups and Loops. Theory and Applications

Vol 9

D. E. Taylor
The Geometry of the Classical Groups

Vol 10

R. Engelking
Theory of Dimensions: Finite and Infinite

Vol 11

C. Carstensen, B. Fine, G. Rosenberger
Abstract Algebra