Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 9 (1999)

  Number 1, Number 2 

Number 1

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B. Fritzsche
Sophus Lie: A Sketch of his Life and Work
001--038 [Fulltext-pdf (4485 KB)]

E. Symeonidis
On the Image of a Generalized d-Plane Transform on Rn
039--068 [Fulltext-pdf (283 KB)]

J. C. Santos
Foncteur de Zuckerman pour les Superalgèbres de Lie
069--112 [Fulltext-pdf (360 KB)]

D. A. Richter
Z-Gradiations of Lie Algebras and Infinitesimal Generators
113-123 [Fulltext-pdf (137 KB)]

L. Yu. Galitski, D. A. Timashev
On the Classification of Metabelian Lie Algebras
125--156 [Fulltext-pdf (299 KB)]

A. Baklouti, J. Ludwig
Desintegration des Representations Monomiales des Groupes de Lie Nilpotents
157--191 [Fulltext-pdf (279 KB)]

D. Burde
Degenerations of Nilpotent Lie Algebras
193--202 [Fulltext-pdf (129 KB)]

E. Neher
Transformations Groups of the Andersson-Perlman Cone
203--213 [Fulltext-pdf (134 KB)]

Z. Hou, S. Deng, S. Kaneyuki, K. Nishiyama
Dipolarizations in Semisimple Lie Algebras and Homogeneous Parakaehler Manifolds
215--232 [Fulltext-pdf (203 KB)]

K. Nishiyama
Schur Duality for the Cartan Type Lie Algebra Wn
233--248 [Fulltext-pdf (176 KB)]

S. Walcher
Multi-Parameter Symmetries of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations
249--269 [Fulltext-pdf (188 KB)]

D. H. Lee
Algebraic Subgroups of Lie Groups
271--284 [Fulltext-pdf (149 KB)]
Number 2

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H. Nguyen
Characterizing Weakly Symmetric Spaces as Gelfand Pairs
285--292 [Fulltext-pdf (105 KB)]

T. Levasseur, R. Ushirobira
Adjoint Vector Fields on the Tangent Space of Semisimple Symmetric Spaces
293--304 [Fulltext-pdf (183 KB)]

H. Benamor, S. Benayadi
Relations Between Invertibility of Casimir Operators and Semisimplicity of Quadratic Lie Superalgebras
305--320 [Fulltext-pdf (160 KB)]

H. Abels
Discrete Groups of Affine Isometries
321--350 [Fulltext-pdf (259 KB)]

H. Abels
Finite Groups of Rotations. A Supplement to the Preceding Article
351--354 [Fulltext-pdf (62 KB)]

I. A. Latypov
Homogeneous Spaces of Compact Connected Lie Groups Which Admit Nontrivial Invariant Algebras
355--360 [Fulltext-pdf (92 KB)]

V. Mazorchuk
The Supports of Simple Modules Over Toroidal Algebras
361--368 [Fulltext-pdf (123 KB)]

A. Pasquale
Maximal Degenerate Representations of SL(n+1,H)
369--382 [Fulltext-pdf (172 KB)]

J. Faraut, E. G. F. Thomas
Invariant Hilbert Spaces of Holomorphic Functions
383--402 [Fulltext-pdf (190 KB)]

D. Manchon
Distributions a Support Compact et Representations Unitaires
403--424 [Fulltext-pdf (210 KB)]

M. Tinfou
Coefficients Generalises de Series Principales Spheriques Relatifs aux Espaces Symetriques Deployes
425--460 [Fulltext-pdf (314 KB)]

M. Mayer
Square-Integrability of Tensor Products
461--480 [Fulltext-pdf (208 KB)]

H. Salzmann
Large Automorphism Groups of 16-Dimensional Planes are Lie Groups. II
481--486 [Fulltext-pdf (105 KB)]

P. Michor, J. Teichmann
Description of Infinite Dimensional Abelian Regular Lie Groups
487--490 [Fulltext-pdf (74 KB)]

T. Branson
Spectra of Self-Gradients on Spheres
491--506 [Fulltext-pdf (173 KB)]

Z. Hou, S. Deng, S. Kaneyuki, K. Nishiyama
Dipolarizations in Semisimple Lie Algebras and Homogeneous Parakaehler Manifolds. Authors' Addresses