Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 8 (1998)

 Number 1, Number 2 

Number 1

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H. Helling, A. C. Kim, J. L. Mennicke
A Geometric Study of Fibonacci Groups
001--024 [Fulltext-pdf (432 KB)]

A. Baklouti
Nouvelle Desintegration Lisse de L2(G) pour les Groupes Résolubles Exponentiels
025--050 [Fulltext-pdf (464 KB)]

A. Mednykh, A. Vesnin
Visualization of the Isometry Group Action on the Fomenko-Matveev-Weeks Manifold
051--066 [Fulltext-pdf (172 KB)]

J. Ryan
Dirac Operators, Conformal Transformations and Aspects of Classical Harmonic Analysis
067--082 [Fulltext-pdf (164 KB)]

B. Priwitzer, H. Salzmann
Large Automorphism Groups of 16-Dimensional Planes are Lie Groups
083--094 [Fulltext-pdf (142 KB)]

M. E. B. Bekka, P.-A. Cherix, P. Jolissaint
Kazhdan Constants Associated with Laplacian on Connected Lie Groups
095--110 [Fulltext-pdf (184 KB)]

L. A. B. San Martin
Homogeneous Spaces Admitting Transitive Semigroups
111--128 [Fulltext-pdf (198 KB)]

A. Schmucker, G. Czichowski
Symmetric Algebras and Normal Forms of Third Order Ordinary Differential Equations
129--138 [Fulltext-pdf (111 KB)]

C. Birkenhake
Complex Structures Contained in Classical Groups
139--152 [Fulltext-pdf (188 KB)]

A. Khaoua
Irreductibilité de Certaines Représentations Non Unitaires dans des Espaces de Distributions Propres
153--162 [Fulltext-pdf (127 KB)]

A. G. Robertson
Crofton Formulae and Geodesic Distance in Hyperbolic Spaces
163--172 [Fulltext-pdf (133 KB)]

M. Benayed
Extensions Abeliennes des Bigebres de Lie
173--182 [Fulltext-pdf (129 KB)]

S. Boekholt
Compact Lie Groups with Isomorphic Homotopy Groups
183--186 [Fulltext-pdf (65 KB)]

T. H. Koornwinder, N. M. Muller
Erratum to 'The Quantum Double of a (Locally) Compact Group' (Journal of Lie Theory 7 (1997), Number 1, 101--120)
187--188 [Fulltext-pdf (44 KB)]
Number 2

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W. Hazod, K. H. Hofmann, H.-P. Scheffler, M. Wuestner, H. Zeuner
Normalizers of Compact Subgroups, the Existence of Commuting Automophisms, and Applications to Operator Semistable Measures
189--210 [Fulltext-pdf (209 KB)]

D. Poguntke
Normalizers and Centralizers of Reductive Subgroups of Almost Connected Lie Groups
211-218 [Fulltext-pdf (101 KB)]

M. Burger, A. Valette
Idempotents in Complex Group Rings: Theorems of Zalesskii and Bass Revisited
219--228 [Fulltext-pdf (142 KB)]

E. Casadio Tarabusi, J. M. Cohen, A. Koranyi, M. A. Picardello
Converse Mean Value Theorems on Trees and Symmetric Spaces
229--254 [Fulltext-pdf (233 KB)]

P. E. Barbano
Automophisms and Quasi-Conformal Mappings of Heisenberg Type Groups
255--278 [Fulltext-pdf (188 KB)]

A. Tralle, W. Andrzejewski
On Solvmanifolds and a Conjecture of Benson and Gordon from the Hamiltonian Viewpoint
279--292 [Fulltext-pdf (146 KB)]

P. W. Michor, T. S. Ratiu
On the Geometry of the Virasoro-Bott Group
293--310 [Fulltext-pdf (172 KB)]

N. Kamoun
Restrictions a un Sous-Espace de Cartan des Fonctions Cinfty Invariantes sur l'Espace Tangent d'un Espace Symetrique
311--324 [Fulltext-pdf (178 KB)]

K. Mokni, E. G. F. Thomas
Paires de Guelfand Generalisee Associees au Groupe d'Heisenberg
325--334 [Fulltext-pdf (144 KB)]

L. A. B. San Martin
Order and Domains of Attraction of Control Sets in Flag Manifolds
335--350 [Fulltext-pdf (168 KB)]

Heping Liu
Wavelet Transforms and Symmetric Tube Domains
351--366 [Fulltext-pdf (142 KB)]

A. Leahy
A Classification of Multiplicity Free Representations
367--392 [Fulltext-pdf (232 KB)]

C. Barros
On the Number of Control Sets on Flag Manifolds of Real Simple Lie Groups
393--398 [Fulltext-pdf (104 KB)]

M. Wuestner
An Exponential Lie Group with Disconnected Near Cartan Subgroups
399--400 [Fulltext-pdf (58 KB)]

R. Milson, D. Richter
Quantization of Cohomology in Semi-Simple Lie Algebras
401--414 [Fulltext-pdf (173 KB)]

W. Dal Lago, A. Garcia, C. U. Sanchez
Projective Subspaces in the Variety of Normal Sections and Tangent Spaces to a Symmetric Space
415--428 [Fulltext-pdf (166 KB)]

T. Pirashvili
The Euler Poincare Characteristic of a Lie Algebra
429--432 [Fulltext-pdf (61 KB)]

T. Nomura
Berezin Transforms and Group Representations
433--440 [Fulltext-pdf (110 KB)]

A. G. Robertson
Addendum to 'Crofton Formulae and Geodesic Distance in Hyperbolic Spaces' (Journal of Lie Theory 8 (1998), Number 1, 163--172)
441--441 [Fulltext-pdf (42 KB)]