Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 7 (1997)

 Number 1, Number 2 

Number 1

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P. Ciatti
Spherical Distributions on Harmonic Extensions
001--028 [Fulltext-pdf (213 KB)]

R. Camporesi
The Spherical Transform for Homogeneous Vector Bundles over Riemannian Symmetric Spaces
029--060 [Fulltext-pdf (266 KB)]

A. Kriegl, P. W. Michor
Regular Infinite Dimensional Lie Groups
061--100 [Fulltext-pdf (312 KB)]

T. H. Koornwinder, N. M. Muller
The Quantum Double of a (Locally) Compact Group
101--120 [Fulltext-pdf (198 KB)]

H. Fujiwara
Sur la Conjecture de Corwin-Greenleaf
121--146 [Fulltext-pdf (238 KB)]
Number 2

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P. Cotton, A. H. Dooley
Contraction of an Adapted Functional Calculus
147--164 [Fulltext-pdf (189 KB)]

P. Katsylo, D. Mikhailov
Ternary Quartics and 3-Dimensional Commutative Algebras
165--170 [Fulltext-pdf (92 KB)]

D. Z. Dokovic, K. H. Hofmann
On the Exponentiality of Real Lie Groups: A Status Report
171--200 [Fulltext-pdf (255 KB)]

C. Moeglin
Non Nullité de Certains Relèvements par Séries Theta
201--230 [Fulltext-pdf (243 KB)]

C. Moeglin
Quelques Propriétés de Base des Séries Theta
231--238 [Fulltext-pdf (113 KB)]

E. N. Reyes
Commuting Operators and Class Functions
239--244 [Fulltext-pdf (94 KB)]

K. Koufany, B. Oersted
Hardy Spaces on Two-Sheeted Covering Semigroups
245--268 [Fulltext-pdf (212 KB)]

M. Puta
Stability and Control in Space Craft Dynamics
269--278 [Fulltext-pdf (105 KB)]

M. Wuestner
On Closed Abelian Subgroups of Real Lie Groups
279--286 [Fulltext-pdf (108 KB)]

M. Benayed
Lie Bialgebras and Cohomology
287--292 [Fulltext-pdf (102 KB)]

K.-H. Neeb
On a Theorem of S. Banach
293--300 [Fulltext-pdf (110 KB)]