Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 6 (1996)

 Number 1, Number 2 

Number 1

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C. Gross
Operators on Differential Forms for Transformation Groups
001--018 [Fulltext-pdf (224 KB)]

L. M. Chaves, A. Rigas
Complex Reflections and Polynomial Generators of Homotopy Groups
019--022 [Fulltext-pdf (82 KB)]

P. Olver
Non-Associative Local Lie Groups
023--052 [Fulltext-pdf (465 KB)]

F. De Mari
The Weyl Group as Fixed Point Set of Smooth Involutions
053--068 [Fulltext-pdf (166 KB)]

B. Kroetz, K.-H. Neeb
On Hyperbolic Cones and Mixed Symmetric Spaces
069--146 [Fulltext-pdf (547 KB)]
Number 2

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T. Kobayashi
Criterion for Proper Actions on Homogeneous Spaces of Reductive Groups
147--164 [Fulltext-pdf (172 KB)]

H. Gloeckner
Haar Measure on Linear Groups of Local Fields
165--177 [Fulltext-pdf (162 KB)]

A. Deitmar
Torus Actions on Compact Quotients
179--190 [Fulltext-pdf (142 KB)]

L. Barchini, S. G. Gindikin, H. W. Wong
Determinant Functions and the Geometry of the Flag Manifold for SU(p,q)
191--206 [Fulltext-pdf (184 KB)]

K.-H. Neeb
A Note on Central Extensions of Lie Groups
207--213 [Fulltext-pdf (99 KB)]

W. Bertram
On Some Classes of Conformal Groups
215--247 [Fulltext-pdf (279 KB)]

E. B. Vinberg
On Invariants of a Set of Matrices
249--269 [Fulltext-pdf (181 KB)]

J. Faraut
Operateurs Differentiels Invariants Hyperboliques sur un Espace Symetrique Ordonne
271--289 [Fulltext-pdf (169 KB)]