Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 5 (1995)

 Number 1, Number 2 

Number 1

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M. Cowling, S. Giulini, S. Meda
Lp-Lq-Estimates for Functions of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator on Noncompact Symmetric Spaces, II
001--014 [Fulltext-pdf (144 KB)]

H. Bickel
Lie-Projective Groups
015--024 [Fulltext-pdf (108 KB)]

R. L. Lipsman
Proper Actions and a Compactness Condition
025--040 [Fulltext-pdf (147 KB)]

V. M. Gichev
Invariant Orders in Simply Connected Lie Groups
041--080 [Fulltext-pdf (301 KB)]

D. Panyushev
Good Properties of Algebras of Invariants and Defect of Linear Representations
081--100 [Fulltext-pdf (202 KB)]

G. D. Sanje Mpacko
Types for Elliptic Non-Discrete Series Representations of SLN(F), N prime and F a p-adic Field
101--128 [Fulltext-pdf (208 KB)]

W. Jaworski
The Density of the Image of the Exponential Function and Spacious Locally Compact Groups
129--134 [Fulltext-pdf (102 KB)]

D. Mittenhuber
Spacious Lie Groups
135--146 [Fulltext-pdf (150 KB)]
Number 2

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F. Astengo
A Class of Lp Convolutors on Harmonic Extensions of H-Type Groups
147--164 [Fulltext-pdf (172 KB)]

G. Garimella
Un Theoreme de Paley-Wiener pour les Groupes de Lie Nilpotents
165--172 [Fulltext-pdf (108 KB)]

V. Pestov
Regular Lie Groups and a Theorem of Lie-Palais
173--178 [Fulltext-pdf (90 KB)]

O. G. do Rocio, L. A. B. San Martin
Semigroups in Lattices of Solvable Lie Groups
179--202 [Fulltext-pdf (199 KB)]

M. Wuestner
A Connected Complex Simple Centerfree Lie Group whose Exponential Function is not Surjective
203--206 [Fulltext-pdf (62 KB)]

D. Zaitsev
Regularization of Birational Group Operations in the Sense of Weil
207--224 [Fulltext-pdf (155 KB)]

J.-L. Clerc
Laplace Transform and Unitary Highest Weights Modules
225--240 [Fulltext-pdf (174 KB)]

G. Olshanski
Cauchy-Szegoe Kernels for Hardy Spaces on Simple Lie Groups
241--274 [Fulltext-pdf (253 KB)]

D. Z. Dokovic, Nguyen Q. Thang
On the Exponential Map of Almost Simple Real Algebraic Groups
275--292 [Fulltext-pdf (172 KB)]