Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 3 (1993)

 Number 1, Number 2 

Number 1

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A. Schueler
The Brauer Algebra and the Birman-Wenzl-Murakami Algebra
003--014 [Fulltext-pdf (122 KB)]

H. Schlosser
Atypical Representations of the Lie Superalgebra sl(1,n) for n Greater Than 1
015--026 [Fulltext-pdf (114 KB)]

K.-H. Neeb
Holomorphic Extension of Unitary Representations
027--034 [Fulltext-pdf (100 KB)]

D. Mittenhuber
New Sufficient Criteria for the Globality of Lie Wedges
035--048 [Fulltext-pdf (154 KB)]

K. H. Hofmann, J. D. Lawson, W. A. F. Ruppert
On Finiteness Theorems and Porcupine Varieties in Lie Algebras
049--064 [Fulltext-pdf (160 KB)]

P. T. Nagy
Moufang Loops and Malcev Algebras
065--068 [Fulltext-pdf (86 KB)]

V. Uspenskii
The Solution of the Epimophism Problem for Hausdorff Topological Groups
069--072 [Fulltext-pdf (52 KB)]

J. Dittmann
On the Riemannian Geometry of Finite Dimensional Mixed States
073--088 [Fulltext-pdf (150 KB)]

C. Gross
Generating Functions of π2n-1(SUn)
089--106 [Fulltext-pdf (175 KB)]

E. Mundt
Constant Yang-Mills Potentials
107--118 [Fulltext-pdf (88 KB)]

D. Mittenhuber, K.-H. Neeb
Remarks on our Paper "On the Exponential Function of an Invariant Lie Semigroup (Journal of Lie Theory 2 (1992) 21--30)"
119--120 [Fulltext-pdf (55 KB)]
Number 2

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J. Hilgert, K.-H. Neeb, W. Plank
Symplectic Convexity Theorems
123--136 [Fulltext-pdf (140 KB)]

V. V. Kaiser
Ricci-Kruemmungen linksinvarianter Metriken auf 4-dimensionalen nicht unimodularen Lie'schen Gruppen mit kommutativen Faktoren
137--148 [Fulltext-pdf (123 KB)]

Do Ngoc Diep
A Survey of Noncommutative Geometry Methods for Group Algebras
149--176 [Fulltext-pdf (235 KB)]

F. Leitenberger
Irreducibility of Gaussian Regular Representations of a Group of Germs of Real Analytic Diffeomerophisms
177--184 [Fulltext-pdf (103 KB)]

V. L. Ostrovskyi, Y. S. Samoilenko
On Pairs of Self-Adjoint Operators
185--218 [Fulltext-pdf (264 KB)]

H. Boseck
On Algebraic and Semialgebraic Groups and Semigroups
221--230 [Fulltext-pdf (103 KB)]

G. Czichowski
Geometrical Aspects of SL(2)-Invariant Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
231--238 [Fulltext-pdf (78 KB)]

R. Boedi, M. Joswig
Tables for an Effective Enumeration of Real Representations of Quasi-Simple Lie Groups
239--256 [Fulltext-pdf (159 KB)]

K. H. Hofmann
Ueber das 5. Hilbertsche Problem
257--268 [Fulltext-pdf (327 KB)]