Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 2 (1992)

 Number 1, Number 2 

Number 1

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H. Boseck
Lie Superalgebras and Lie Supergroups II
003--012 [Fulltext-pdf (101 KB)]

J. Hilgert
Convexity Properties of Grassmannians
013--020 [Fulltext-pdf (106 KB)]

K.-H. Neeb, D. Mittenhuber
On the Exponential Function of an Invariant Lie Semigroup
021--030 [Fulltext-pdf (116 KB)]

N. Doerr
A Note on the Oscillator Group
031--040 [Fulltext-pdf (104 KB)]

K. H. Hofmann
Compact Elements in Solvable Real Lie Algebras
041--056 [Fulltext-pdf (154 KB)]

M. Wuestner
An Example of a Solvable Lie Algebra
057--058 [Fulltext-pdf (55 KB)]

A. Eggert
Extending the Campbell-Hausdorff Multiplication
059---062 [Fulltext-pdf (42 KB)]

H. Schlosser
The Rule of Littlewood/Richardson and its Treatment by a Computer
063--068 [Fulltext-pdf (64 KB)]

M. Stroppel
Solvable Groups of Automorphisms of Stable Planes
069--074 [Fulltext-pdf (90 KB)]

M. Stroppel
Endomorphisms of Stable Planes
075--084 [Fulltext-pdf (94 KB)]

G. Czichowski
Hausdorff und die Exponentialformel in der Lie-Theorie
085--094 [Fulltext-pdf (107 KB)]
Number 2

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K. Schmuedgen
Integrable Operator Representations of Rq2 and SLq(2,R)
107--114 [Fulltext-pdf (103 KB)]

A. Schueler
Covariant Bimodules and Differential Calculi on Quantum Groups of Type B, C, D
115--122 [Fulltext-pdf (91 KB)]

K. H. Hofmann, S. A. Morris
Finitely Generated Connected Locally Compact Groups
123--134 [Fulltext-pdf (139 KB)]

K. H. Hofmann
Near Cartan Algebras and Groups
135--152 [Fulltext-pdf (170 KB)]

K.-H. Neeb
Weyl Groups of Disconnected Lie Groups
153--158 [Fulltext-pdf (75 KB)]

K.-H. Neeb
Toric Varieties and Algebraic Monoids
159--188 [Fulltext-pdf (207 KB)]

D. Poguntke
Rigidly Symmetric L1-Group Algebras
189--198 [Fulltext-pdf (160 KB)]

J. Wisliceny
Nilpotente Liealgebren und endliche pro-p-Gruppen
199--204 [Fulltext-pdf (97 KB)]

A. Levichev, V. Levicheva
Distinguishability Conditions and the Future Semigroup
205--212 [Fulltext-pdf (114 KB)]

D. Mittenhuber
A Globality Theorem for Wedges that are Bounded by a Hyperplane Ideal
213--222 [Fulltext-pdf (145 KB)]

G. Czichowski, M. Thiede
Standard Forms of Differential Equations and Symmetry Computation
223--234 [Fulltext-pdf (107 KB)]

B. Fritsche
Leben und Werk Sophus Lies -- eine Skizze
235--262 [Fulltext-pdf (189 KB)]

J. D. Lawson
Historical Links to a Lie Theory of Semigroups
263--278 [Fulltext-pdf (139 KB)]

K. Strambach
K. H. Hofmann und die Geometrie
279--294 [Fulltext-pdf (144 KB)]