Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 34 (2024)

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The following articles have so far only been published electronically.
The printed versions will appear in April 2024.

M. Ramabulana, F. G. Russo
Nonabelian Tensor Squares of Compact Groups via Quotients of Free Compact Groups
1--16 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. Campoamor-Stursberg, I. Marquette
Decomposition of Enveloping Algebras of Simple Lie Algebras and their Related Polynomial Algebras
17--40 [Abstract / Full Text]

G. R. Biyogmam, H. Safa
Prime Ideals in Leibniz Algebras
41--49 [Abstract / Full Text]

V. Fischer, D. Rottensteiner, M. Ruzhansky
Heisenberg-Modulation Spaces at the Crossroads of Coorbit Theory and Decomposition Space Theory
51--92 [Abstract / Full Text]

X. Zhao, Y. Li
σ-Symmetries and First Integral of Differential Equations
93--112 [Abstract / Full Text]

U. N. Matos de Almeida
Generalized k-Contact Structures
113--136 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. Chakraborty
Random ε-Cover on Compact Riemannian Symmetric Space
137--169 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. N. Issa
Representations and (2,3)-Cohomology of Bol Algebras with Applications
171--192 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. A. Fox
Characters of the Nullcone Related to Vinberg Groups
193--206 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Garay, D. v. Straten
A Category of Banach Space Functors
207--236 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Cardona, J. Delgado, M. Ruzhansky
A Note on the Local Weyl Formula on Compact Lie Groups
237--248 [Abstract / Full Text]

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The following articles have so far only been published electronically.
The printed versions will appear in June 2024.

S. El Bourkadi, M. W. Mansouri
Left-Symmetric Products on Cosymplectic Lie Algebras
249--265 [Abstract / Full Text]

N. M. P. S. K. Bandara, G. Thompson
Ten-Dimensional Levi Decomposition Lie Algebras with sl(2, R) Semi-Simple Factor
267--317 [Abstract / Full Text]

Z. Chen, B. Sun, J. Tan
Harmonic Vector Fields on 4-Dimensional Lorentzian Oscillator Groups
319--338 [Abstract / Full Text]

E. Grong, H. Z. Munthe-Kaas, J. Stava
Post-Lie Algebra Structure of Manifolds with Constant Curvature and Torsion
339--352 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Olbrich, G. Palmirotta
A Topological Paley-Wiener-Schwartz Theorem for Sections of Homogeneous Vector Bundles on G/K
353--384 [Abstract / Full Text]

G. Rembado
A Colourful Classification of (Quasi) Root Systems and Hyperplane Arrangements
385--422 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Kumar, D. Pal, S. Kushwaha, S. K. Upadhyay
The Schur Multiplier of Some Finite Multiplicative Lie Algebras
423--436 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. Hunter
On Higher Dimensional Milnor Frames
437--451 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Ali, L. Carbone, D. Liu, S. H. Murray
Strong Integrality of Inversion Subgroups of Kac-Moody Groups
453--468 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Gaetz, D. A. Vogan Jr.
Disconnected Reductive Groups
469--480 [Abstract / Full Text]

L. Xia, H. Yang
Polynomial Modules over a Class of GIM Lie Algebras
481--501 [Abstract / Full Text]

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Number 3 of this Volume will appear in September 2024.

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Number 4 of this Volume will appear in December 2024.