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Journal of Lie Theory 33 (2023), No. 3, 763--781
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2023

On Homogeneous Hermite-Lorentz Spaces of Low Dimension

Fatma Kadi
Faculty of Exact Sciences, University of El Oued, Algeria

Mohammed Guediri
Dept. of Mathematics, College of Sciences, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Abdelghani Zeghib
UMPA, CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon, France

We classify irreducible homogeneous almost Hermite-Lorentz spaces of complex dimension 3, and prove in particular they are geodesically complete.

Keywords: Almost Hermitian manifolds, Kaehler manifolds, Hermite-Lorentz spaces.

MSC: 53C50, 53C55

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