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Journal of Lie Theory 31 (2021), No. 2, 575--582
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2021

Classification of Quasi-Finite Irreducible Modules over Affine Virasoro Algebras

Dong Liu
Dept. of Mathematics, Huzhou University, Zhejiang Huzhou, P. R. China

Yufeng Pei
Dept. of Mathematics, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai 200234, P. R. China

Limeng Xia
Institute of Applied System Analysis, Jiangsu University, Jiangsu Zhenjiang, P. R. China

We give a complete classification of quasi-finite irreducible modules over affine Virasoro algebras. It is shown that they are all highest weight modules, lowest weight modules, or loop modules.

Keywords: Virasoro algebra, affine Lie algebra, affine Virasoro algebra, quasi-finite module.

MSC: 17B68, 17B67.

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