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Journal of Lie Theory 30 (2020), No. 4, 1131--1160
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2020

Identities for Poincaré Polynomials via Kostant Cascades

Joergen Ellegaard Andersen
Centre for Quantum Mathematics, University of Southern Denmark, 5230 Odense M, Denmark

Jens Carsten Jantzen
Dept. of Mathematics, University of Aarhus, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

Du Pei
Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Dept. of Mathematics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02139, U.S.A.

We propose and prove an identity relating the Poincaré polynomials of stabilizer subgroups of the affine Weyl group and of the corresponding stabilizer subgroups of the Weyl group.

Keywords: Affine Weyl Group, Poincaré polynomial.

MSC: 20F55, 17B22.

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