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Journal of Lie Theory 19 (2009), No. 4, 767--769
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2009

Angle Measures of some Cones Associated with Finite Reflection Groups

P. V. Bibikov
Moscow State University, Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Chair of Higher Algebra, Leninskie Gory 1, 119991 Moscow, Russia

V. S. Zhgoon
Science Research Institute of System Studies, Dept. of Mathematical Problems in Informatics, Nakhimovskii Prospect 36-1, 117218 Moscow, Russia

We give a generalization of "Curious Identity" of De Concini and Procesi. Our proof is based on the recent result of Waldspurger about the decomposition of the cone dual to the fundamental chamber of a finite reflection group as a disjoint union of some subcones.

Keywords: Finite reflection groups, fundamental chamber, cone of positive roots, relative angle measure.

MSC: 17B22

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