Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Volume 5 (2001)

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A. G. Horvath, I. Prok
Packing Congruent Bricks into a Cube
001--012 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (628 KB)]

P. Pech
The Harmonic Analysis of Polygons and Napoleon's Theorem
013--022 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (168 KB)]

N. Ando, N. Yamahata, S. Masumi, M. Chatani
Shape Grammar and Form Properties of Architectural Figures
023--034 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1371 KB)]

K. Fuchigami
Analysis of the Spiral Pattern Karakusa
035--044 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (711 KB)]

K. Kojima, M. Hironaga, S. Nagae, Y. Kawamoto
A Human Motion Analysis Using the Rhythm -- A Reproducing Method of Human Motion
045--052 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (501 KB)]

K. Mende
Light and Shadow in Painting -- Concerning the Expression of Shadows in Western Painting --
053--060 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (472 KB)]

T. Noguchi, Y. Ohno
A Deformation Algorithm of Railway Maps
061--070 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (424 KB)]

M. Ohnishi
A Photographic Method for Panoramic Sequence with a Regular Camera, Part 3: Application to Sky Photographs
071--080 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (239 KB)]

C. Leopold, R. A. Gorska, S. A. Sorby
International Experiences in Developing the Spatial Visualization Abilities of Engineering Students
081--092 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (947 KB)]

E. Toledo Santos, J. I. Rojas Sola
A Proposal for an On-Line Library of Descriptive Geometry Problems
093--100 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (165 KB)]

E. Tsutsumi, A. Ichikawa, N. Kadowaki
Evaluation of Mentally Perceived Differences Between the 3D Objects Used in Mental Cutting Tests
101--110 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (574 KB)]
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I. Juhasz, M. Hoffmann
The Effect of Knot Modifications on the Shape of B-spline Curves
111--120 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (140 KB)]

J. Lang, S. Mick, O. Röschel
The Rigidity Rate of Positions of Stewart-Gough Platforms
121--132 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (175 KB)]

E. Molnar, T. Schulz, J. Szirmai
Periodic and Aperiodic Figures on the Plane by Higher Dimensions
133--144 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (219 KB)]

Y. Yamaguchi
A Basic Evaluation Method of Subdivision Surfaces
145--156 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (842 KB)]

R. A. Wiggs
Geometry as Transformation
157--164 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (294 KB)]

Z. B. Gradinscak
Constructional Graphics Application in Engineering Computer Graphics
165--180 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (431 KB)]

C. Leopold, A. Matievits
Studies of Geometry Integrated in Architectural Projects
181--192 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1631 KB)]

K. Shiina, D. R. Short, C. L. Miller, K. Suzuki
Development of Software to Record Solving Process of a Mental Rotations Test
193--202 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (320 KB)]

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