Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Volume 4 (2000)

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G. Glaeser, H.-P. Schröcker
Reflections on Refractions
001--018 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1243 KB)]

H. Abdelmoez, Y. Aly Abas
On the Bisectors of Weakly Separable Sets
019--030 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (167 KB)]

H. Pottmann, R. Krasauskas, B. Hamann, K. Joy, W. Seibold
On Piecewise Linear Approximation of Quadratic Functions
031--054 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (587 KB)]

S. Zacharias, D. Velichova
Projection from 4D to 3D
055--070 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1682 KB)]

C. Bovill
Fractal Geometry as Design Aid
071--078 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (458 KB)]

A. M. Farag, G. Weiss
Reconstruction of the Satellite Orbit via Orientation Angles
079--088 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (185 KB)]

A. C. Clark, B. Matthews
Scientific and Technical Visualization: A New Course Offering that Integrates Mathematics, Science and Technology
089--098  [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (234 KB)]

T. Yonemura, S. Nagae
Design Procedure on a Newly Developed Paper Craft
099--107 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1179 KB)]
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H. S. M. Coxeter
Five Spheres in Mutual Contact
109--114 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (383 KB)]

M. Buba-Brzozowa
Ceva's and Menelaus' Theorems for the n-Dimensional Space
115--118 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (88 KB)]

E. Kozniewski, R. A. Gorska
Gergonne and Nagel Points for Simplices in the n-Dimensional Space
119--128 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (207 KB)]

H. Abdelmoez
Generation and Recovery of Highway Lanes
129--146 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (295 KB)]

O. Mermoud, M. Steiner
Visualisation of Configuration Spaces of Polygonal Linkages
147--158 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (3025 KB)]

H. Stachel
Flexible Cross-Polytopes in the Euclidean 4-Space
159--168 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (156 KB)]

G. Weiss, H. Martini
On Curves and Surfaces in Illumination Geometry
169--180 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (193 KB)]

M. Amrani, F. Jaillet, B. Shariat
Deformable Objects Modeling and Animation: Application to Organs' Interactions Simulation
181--188 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (193 KB)]

A. Blach
Determination of Thickness of Rotary Building Shells
189--196 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (631 KB)]

P. Rubinowicz
Chaos and Geometric Order in Architecture and Design
197--208 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (2891 KB)]

C. Pütz
Descriptive Geometry Courses for Students of Architecture -- On the Selection of Topics
209--222 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (219 KB)]

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