Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Volume 3 (1999)

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Z. Bancsik, I. Juhasz
On the Arc Length of Parametric Cubic Curves
001--016 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (269 KB)]

D. Agbodan, D. Marcheix, G. Pierra
A Data Model Architecture for Parametrics
017--038 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (274 KB)]

H. K. Ault
Using Geometric Constraints to Capture Design Intent
039--046 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (365 KB)]

F. P. Birra, M. J. Prospero
SiPaViS -- A Toolkit for Scientific Visualization and Simulation
047--056 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (233 KB)]

A. Conci, F. R. Aquino
Fractal Image Coding by Multi-Scale Selection Based on Block Complexity
057--066 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (422 KB)]

M. J. Keil, J. Rodriguez
A Method for Generating Compound Spring Element Curves in Contact with Cylindrical Surfaces
067--076 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (401 KB)]

H. Yamazaki, K. Kondo
A Method of Changing a Color Scheme with Kansei Scales
077--084 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (482 KB)]

D. K. Lieu
Using Interactive Multimedia Computer Tutorials for Engineering Graphics Education
085--092 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (275 KB)]

J. Pretorius
The Future or Graphical Communication Education in the New South Africa
093--098 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (209 KB)]

K. Takeyama, R. Maeguchi, K. Chibana, K. Yoshida:
Evaluation of Objective Test Using a Pair of Orthographic Projections for Descriptive Geometry Education
099--110 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (160 KB)]

E. Tsutsumi, K. Shiina, A. Suzaki, K. Yamanouchi, T. Saito, K. Suzuki
A Mental Cutting Test on Female Students Using a Stereographic System
111--120 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (411 KB)]
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G. Glaeser
Reflections on Spheres and Cylinders of Revolution
121--140 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1907 KB)]

C. Maeurer, B. Juettler
Rational Approximation of Rotation Minimizing Frames Using Pythagorean--Hodograph Cubics
141--160 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (342 KB)]

J. Pilnikova, P. Chalmoviansky
Basis of Quartic Splines over Triangulation
161--176 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (172 KB)]

L. Varady, M. Hoffmann, E. Kovacs
Improved Free-form Modelling of Scattered Data by Dynamic Neural Networks
177--182 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (77 KB)]

G. Weiss, K. Nestler, G. Meinl
Some Moebius-Geometric Theorems Connected to Euclidean Kinematics
183--192 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (182 KB)]

H. Abe, K. Yoshida
Measurement of Visualization Ability of Architectural Space
193--200 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1181 KB)]

B. W. Field
A Course in Spatial Visualisation
201--210 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1445 KB)]

K. Shiina, K. Suzuki
Design of Modified Mental Rotations Test and its Error Analysis
211--218 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (162 KB)]

X. Sun, K. Suzuki
Evaluation of Educational Effects of the Solid Simulator
219--226 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (333 KB)]

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