Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Volume 2 (1999)

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M. Hoffmann, L. Varady
Free-form Surfaces for Scattered Data by Neural Networks
001--006 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (197 KB)]

A. Karger
Classical Geometry and Computers
007--016 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (369 KB)]

R. Koch, C. Engelhart
Closed Space Curves of Constant Curvature Consisting of Arcs of Circular Helices
017--032 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (378 KB)]

M. Szilvasi-Nagy
Almost Curvature Continuous Fitting of B-Spline Surfaces
033--044 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (674 KB)]

T. Watanabe
Revision of Inconsistent Orthographic Views
045--054 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (99 KB)]

T. Araki
Basic Education of CAD/CAM Through Multimedia and Network Aid
055--064 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (329 KB)]

J. Chen
Kernel Problems of the Modernization of Engineering Graphics Education
065--070 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (89 KB)]

G. Gittler, J. Glueck
Differential Transfer of Learning: Effects of Instruction in Descriptive Geometry on Spatial Test Performance
071--084 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (161 KB)]

N. Hayata, S. Ino
The Differences in Eye Movements and Visual Impressions in Response to Static Versus Motion Picture Imagery of Streetscapes
085--092 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (454 KB)]

K. Irie, S. Nagae, D. R. Short, N. Ohtsuki, T. Ezaki
View Variation and their Effect on Student Solution to Transformation Problems -- Part 2: On the Effect of Right Side View
093--100 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (119 KB)]

M. Takahashi, H. Sato, K. Kondo, S. Shimada
A Manual to Teach Computer Graphics by JAVA
101--108 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (287 KB)]
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J. Lang, H.-P. Schroecker
Edge-Orthogonal Patches through a Given Rational Bezier Curve
109--122 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1306 KB)]

E. Knoll
Developing a Procedure to Transfer Geometrical Constraints from the Plane into Space
123--132 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (4501 KB)]

V. Y. Mikhailenko, M. I. Yakovlev
Geometric Prerequisites for the Creation and Aesthetization of Trademark Shapes in Graphic Design
133--140 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (704 KB)]

N. Miljkovic, G. M. Ercegan, R. B. Stulic, Z. B. Jandric
Computer Aided Evaluation of Total Hip Prosthesis Stability
141--150 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (331 KB)]

H. Stachel
New Applications of Geometry
151--160 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (454 KB)]

R. A. Wiggs
Form Evolution: From Nature to Polyhedra to Sculpture
161--168 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (526 KB)]

R. E. Barr, D. Juricic, T. J. Krueger, L. S. Wall, B. H. Wood
The Freshman Engineering Design Graphics Course at the University of Texas at Austin
169--180 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1027 KB)]

G. R. Bertoline
Visual Science: An Emerging Discipline
181--188 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (97 KB)]

E. N. Wiebe (ed.)
The Taxonomy of Geometry and Graphics
189--196 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (99 KB)]