Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Volume 1 (1999)

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M. Palej
A Simple Proof for the Theorems of Pascal and Pappus
001--004 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (87 KB)]

J. E. Baker
The Single Screw Reciprocal to the General Plane-Symmetric Six-Screw Linkage
005--012 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (166 KB)]

A. Elsonbaty, H. Stachel
Generating Solids by Sweeping Polyhedra
013--022 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (166 KB)]

M. Flasinski, R. Schaefer, W. Toporkiewicz
Supporting CAE Parallel Computations with IE-Graph Solid Representation
023--030 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (122 KB)]

K. Mende
The Representation of Pictorial Space in "Ukie"
031--040 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1,5 M)]

O. Tebeleva, G. Elber, Y. Charit, M. Roffman
Geometric Problems in Computerized Preoperational Planning of a Robot Assisted Total Knee Replacement
041--050 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (295 KB)]

L. Zakowska
Dynamic Road View Research for Road Safety and Aesthetics Evaluation
051--058 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (640 KB)]

L. Gilewicz, W. Gilewicz
Perspective Drawing in the Architectural Design Process
059--066 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (545 KB)]

R. D. Jenison
New Directions for Introductory Graphics in Engineering Education
067--074 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (80 KB)]

A. Schmid-Kirsch
Teaching Descriptive Geometry at the Faculty of Architecture
075--082 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (270 KB)]

E. Tsutsumi
Descriptive Geometry Education at the Department of Clothing and Textiles, Otsuma Women's University
083--090 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (187 KB)]
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G. Aumann
Subdivision of Linear Corner Cutting Curves
091--104 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (140 KB)]

H. Dirnboeck, H. Stachel
The Development of the Oloid
105--118 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (431 KB)]

O. Giering
Affine and Projective Generalization of Wallace Lines
119--134 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (280 KB)]

S. Gorjanc
The Pedal Surfaces of (1,2)-Congruences with a One-Parameter Set of Ellipses
135--150 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (1,4 M)]

M. Hoffmann
On the Theorems of Central Axonometry
151--156 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (86 KB)]

G. Weiss
(n,2)-Axonometries and the Contour of Hyperspheres
157--168 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (281 KB)]

B. Chilla
Virtual Movement Through Planar Geometry: Fundamental Concepts in Visual Art
169--178 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (72 KB)]

L. D. Goss
Presentation of Visualization Problems Using an Expanded Coded Plan Technique
179--184 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (93 KB)]

K. Shiina, T. Saito, K. Suzuki
Analysis of Problem Solving Process of a Mental Rotations Test -- Performance in Shepard-Metzler Tasks
185--194 [Abstract] [FullText-pdf (204 KB)]