Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Volume 27 (2023)

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A. Bhattacharya, K. Kumar Dubey, B. Mondal
Volume of an n-Dimensional Polyhedron: Revisited
1--9 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Taouktsoglou, G. Lefkaditis
Family of Conics Having Double Contact with two Intersecting Ellipses
11--28 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. Katsuura
Three Collinear Points Generated by a Tetrahedron
29--37 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Honvault
Local Geometry of Polyhedra and Cauchy’s Rigidity Theorem
39--46 [Abstract / Full Text]

G. Soleymanpour, A. S. Janfada
A General Trisectrix Curve and its Applications
47--57 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. Hagen
Enforcing Surface Rigidity by Shadow-Line Constraints
59--67 [Abstract / Full Text]

T. San, Y. Kanematsu, K. Mikami
An Analysis of Visual Interest Detection in 2D Game Concept Art
69--79 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Sripian, T. Ijiri, Y. Yamaguchi
Magnification Illusion -– Change of Interpretation when Viewing Through a Telescope
81--101 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. Yatabe, K. Fukushima, Y. Katagiri
Abstract Architecture: Representation of Architecture Through Brick Toy Workshop
103--115 [Abstract / Full Text]

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Number 2 of Volume 27 (2023) will appear in February 2024.