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Journal for Geometry and Graphics 26 (2022), No. 2, 185--205
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2022

Cylindrical Dual Tiling Origami

Akito Adachi
University of Tokyo, Japan

Tomohiro Tachi
University of Tokyo, Japan

Yasushi Yamaguchi
University of Tokyo, Japan

Non-flat folded origami tessellations folded from one sheet can exhibit a high stiffness to weight ratio. The authors proposed recently [J. Geometry Graphics 22/2 (2018) 269-281] the dual tiling origami, a family of origami tessellations that forms an octet truss structure between two parallel planes. As the parallel planes are completely tiled by the origami surface, it has a potential advantage when applied as a core material in the sandwich panel. In this study, we extended dual tiling origami to create prescribed cylindrical surfaces by varying the sizes of the alternating regions in the patterns. We identify conditions so that these regions are compatible with each other, and thus they can be folded from a single sheet. Based on the geometric condition, we introduce parameters to design the shapes of the folded state and show the solution space provided by the existence condition. We also geometrically characterize dual tiling origami and illustrate some design examples.

Keywords: Origami, tessellation, foldcore, computer aided design, dual tiling origami.

MSC: 52B70; 52C20, 51M15.

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