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Journal for Geometry and Graphics 21 (2017), No. 2, 273--288
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2017

Design and Drawing CAD Education with Modeling Technical Assistance -- Effective Education Through Self-Assessment and Collaboration

Tsutomu Araki
Tsukuba University of Technology, Japan

Shigeo Hirano
Tokyo City University, Japan

Kazuhiro Yamashima
Tsukuba Gakuin University, Japan

Mariko Horikoshi
Tsukuba Gakuin University, Japan

The National University Corporation of Tsukuba University of Technology (NTUT) is the only higher educational institute for the hearing-impaired and visually-impaired in Japan. In the training of Design Drawing CAD, the disabilities of students are considered individually so that students, even with hearing impairment, can understand the basic contents of Mechanical Engineering visually. They are taught to have design sense through experience, learning with frequent utilization of models, which gives the students a realistic effect, thereby bringing about self-assessment. We are using 3D CAD with due consideration of machining accuracy so that models function without any post-machining work. We have been continuing graduate study by students in a course entitled 'Manufacturing of Precision Mechanism Model by 3D Printer'. Plastic is used as a material in 3D CAD and 3D RP modeling; so the accuracy of machining plastic must be taken into consideration. 3D CAD has been used in preparation of drawings even in the classroom, and now assembly drawings can be created by group work. In the training of Design Drawing CAD, students are required to learn through experience. And they need to learn that 2D/3D drawing is a language of engineers, a means of communication and a tool for optimization. Used with 2D/3D-CAD and 3D modeling, it has spread the possibility of the power of international collaboration.

Keywords: Design and drawing CAD education, hearing impaired, three-dimensional modeling, effective education, self-assessment, collaboration.

MSC: 97G80; 68U07

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