Journal for Geometry and Graphics

Volume 19 (2015)

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Number 1

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A. Katunin
Visualization of Fractals Based on Regular Convex Polychora
1--11 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Velichová
Classification of Manifolds Resulting as Minkowski Operation Products of Basic Geometric Point Sets
13--29 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. N. Zachos
Two New Analytical and Two New Geometrical Solutions for the Weighted Fermat-Torricelli Problem in the Euclidean Plane
31--42 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Barej, S. Hoffmann, C. Knief, M. Trautz, B. Corves
Design and Application Studies for a Cupola Forming Orbital Arrangement of Miura-Ori Basic Units
43--55 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. Migliari, J. Romor
Perspective: Theories and Experiments on the "Veduta Vincolata" (Restricted Sight)
57--77 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. Misic, M. Obradovic, G. Dukanovic
Composite Concave Cupolae as Geometric and Architectural Forms
79--91 [Abstract / Full Text]

N. Pisacane
Designed Spaces and Constructed Spaces. The Curtain of the Court Theatre and its Analogies with the Royal Palace of Caserta
93--105 [Abstract / Full Text]

K. Takahashi, T. Tachi, Y. Yamaguchi
Mesh Approximation for Generating Development with Creases and Slits
107--118 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. V. Correia, M. Couceiro da Costa, A. Santos Guerreiro, L. Romão
Eyesight Cartographies -- Unfolding the Visual Sphere
119--132 [Abstract / Full Text]

G. Maresch
How to Develop Spatial Ability? Factors, Strategies, and Gender Specific Findings
133--157 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 2

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Number 2 of Volume 19 (2015) will appear in print in February 2016.

U. Bäsel, H. Dirnböck
The Extended Oloid and Its Contacting Quadrics
161--177 [Abstract / Full Text]

C.-S. Barbat
A Property of Liouville Surfaces and Manifolds
179--188 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Hoffmann, J. Monterde, E. Troll
Blending of Spheres by Rotation-Minimizing Surfaces
189--200 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Honvault
Density of Optimal Packings of Three Ellipses in a Square
201--209 [Abstract / Full Text]

B. Hvala
Cevian Cousins of a Triangle Centroid
211--218 [Abstract / Full Text]

L. Németh
Rose Curves with Chebyshev Polynomials
219--226 [Abstract / Full Text]

N. Tsuruta, J. Mitani, Y. Kanamori, Y. Fukui
Random Realization of Polyhedral Graphs as Deltahedra
227--236 [Abstract / Full Text]

L. Cocchiarella
Perspective Between Fiction and Function: Pattern Mutations Through Science and Art
237--256 [Abstract / Full Text]

B. Herrera, A. Samper
Definition and Calculation of an Eight-Centered Oval which is Quasi-Equivalent to the Ellipse
257--268 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Rubinowicz
Decomposition, Deformation, Dispersion and New Complexity in Architecture and Urban Planning
269--282 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. Sinha, L. Nanetti, R. J. Renken, G. J. ter Horst
Point in Polygon Problem via Homotopy and Hopf's Degree Theorem
283--300 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. H. Tan, F. M. Croft Jr., F. H. Tan
Computer Graphic Modeling for the Reconstruction of the Roman Colosseum
301--316 [Abstract / Full Text]