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Journal for Geometry and Graphics 11 (2007), No. 1, 083--092
Copyright Heldermann Verlag 2007

The Golden Section and the Origin of this Name

Domen Kusar
Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Zoisova 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Golden Ratio, sometimes known as the Golden Section, is a geometrical concept, which contains a sense of mystery. Although, mathematically, it is not possible to express it as a rational number, it occurs frequently in the natural environment, as well as in many fields of human creativity. The similarity of the expression "Golden Section" in different European languages might be due to a common origin. The paper treats the possibility that the expression "Golden Section" originates in the field of carpentry, as it was practised in Antiquity and later times.

Keywords: Golden ratio, golden section, geometry, timber beam, structural design.

MSC: 51N05; 51-03, 01A20

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