Journal of Convex Analysis

Volume 5 (1998)

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Number 1

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C. Marcelli
Non-Coercive Variational Problems with Constraints on the Derivatives
001--018 [FullText-pdf (237 KB)]

D. Bucur, J.-P. Zolesio
Spectrum Stability of an Elliptic Operator to Domain Perturbations
019--030 [FullText-pdf (195 KB)]

G. Treu
An Existence Result for a Class of Non Convex Problems of the Calculus of Variations
031--044 [FullText-pdf (432 KB)]

W. Takahashi, T. Tamura
Convergence Theorems for a Pair of Nonexpansive Mappings
045--056 [FullText-pdf (174 KB)]

A. J. B. Lopes-Pinto
On a New Result on the Existence of Zeros Due to Ricceri
057--062 [FullText-pdf (158 KB)]

J. Steinbach
On a Variational Inequality Containing a Memory Term with an Application in Electro-Chemical Engineering
063--080 [FullText-pdf (254 KB)]

M. Niezgoda
On Schur-Ostrowski Type Theorems for Group Majorizations
081--106 [FullText-pdf (272 KB)]

P. Pedregal, V. Sverak
A Note on Quasiconvexity and Rank-One Convexity for 2x2 Matrices
107--118 [FullText-pdf (175 KB)]

V. Jeyakumar, D. T. Luc, S. Schaible
Characterizations of Generalized Monotone Nonsmooth Continuous Maps Using Approximate Jacobians
119--132 [FullText-pdf (204 KB)]

K. Zhang
On Some Quasiconvex Functions with Linear Growth
133--146 [FullText-pdf (210 KB)]

T. Nishishiraho
Korovkin Sets and Mean Ergodic Theorems
147--152 [FullText-pdf (138 KB)]

F. Oustry
Vertical Developments of a Convex Function
153--170 [FullText-pdf (240 KB)]

M. Amar, E. Vitali
Homogenization of Periodic Finsler Metrics
171--186 [FullText-pdf (232 KB)]

G. Krupa
Convergence of Unbounded Multivalued Supermartingales in the Mosco and Slice Topologies
187--198 [FullText-pdf (220 KB)]
Number 2

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E. Levitin, R. Tichatschke
On Smoothing of Parametric Minimax-Functions and Generalized Max-Functions via Regularization
199--220 [FullText-pdf (263 KB)]

J. M. Borwein, Q. J. Zhu
Limiting Convex Examples for Nonconvex Subdifferential Calculus
221--236 [FullText-pdf (241 KB)]

A. J. Zaslavski
Turnpike Theorem for Convex Infinite Dimensional Discrete-Time Control Systems
237--248 [FullText-pdf (177 KB)]

K. Przeslawski
Lipschitz Continuous Selectors. Part I: Linear Selectors
249--268 [FullText-pdf (257 KB)]

A. N. Iusem
On Some Properties of Paramonotone Operators
269--278 [FullText-pdf (185 KB)]

P. Gritzmann, V. Klee
Separation by Hyperplanes in Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces Over Archimedean Ordered Fields
279--302 [FullText-pdf (286 KB)]

R. R. Phelps, S. Simons
Unbounded Linear Monotone Operators on Nonreflexive Banach Spaces
303--328 [FullText-pdf (267 KB)]

M. Bergounioux, H. Dietrich
Optimal Control of Problems Governed by Obstacle Type Variational Inequalities: a Dual Regularization-Penalization Approach
329--352 [FullText-pdf (262 KB)]

L. Baratchart, M. Berthod, L. Pottier
Optimization of Positive Generalized Polynomials Under l^p Constraints
353--380 [FullText-pdf (331 KB)]

A. Gavioli
A Viability Result in the Upper Semicontinuous Case
381--396 [FullText-pdf (245 KB)]

J. B. Lasserre
Homogeneous Functions and Conjugacy
397--404 [FullText-pdf (161 KB)]