Journal of Convex Analysis

Volume 4 (1997)

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Number 1

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D. Pallaschke, W. Urbanska, R. Urbanski
C-Minimal Pairs of Compact Convex Sets
001--026 [FullText-pdf (243 KB)]

H. H. Bauschke, J. M. Borwein
Legendre Functions and the Method of Random Bregman Functions
027--068 [FullText-pdf (318 KB)]

M. E. Drakhlin, E. Stepanov
Gamma-convergence for a Class of Funcionals with Deviating Argument
069--090 [FullText-pdf (218 KB)]

G. Bellettini
Variational Approximation of Functionals with Curvatures and Related Properties
091--108 [FullText-pdf (195 KB)]

W. W. Breckner, G. Kassay
A Systematization of Convexity Concepts for Sets and Functions
109--128 [FullText-pdf (167 KB)]

J. J. Alibert, G. Bouchitte
Non-Uniform Integrability and Generalized Young Measure
129--148 [FullText-pdf (204 KB)]

O. Hernandez-Lerma, J. B. Lasserre
Cone-Constrained Linear Equations in Banach Spaces
149--164 [FullText-pdf (169 KB)]

M. Kunze, M. D. P. Monteiro Marques
Existence of Solutions for Degenerate Sweeping Processes
165--176 [FullText-pdf (156 KB)]

A. A. Lebedev, V. A. Lebedev
On the Minimal Extension of Increasing *-Weakly Semicontinuous Sublinear Functionals from L+infinity
177--188 [FullText-pdf (160 KB)]
Number 2

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F. H. Clarke, Yu. S. Ledyaev, R. J. Stern
Complements, Approximations, Smoothings and Invariance Properties
189--220 [FullText-pdf (327 KB)]

R. A. Poliquin, R. T. Rockafellar
Proto-Derivatives of Partial Subgradient Mappings
221--234 [FullText-pdf (217 KB)]

Ya. I. Alber, A. N. Iusem, M. V. Solodov
Minimization of Nonsmooth Convex Funcionals in Banach Spaces
235--256 [FullText-pdf (257 KB)]

T. Astruc
Existence of Regular Solutions for a One-Dimensional Simplified Perfect-Plastic Problem with a Unilateral Gradient Constraint
257--280 [FullText-pdf (261 KB)]

J. M. Gutierrez
A Generalization of the Quasiconvex Optimization Problem
281--288 [FullText-pdf (188 KB)]

A. Fiorenza
BMO Regularity for One-Dimensional Minimizers of Some Lagrange Problems
289--304 [FullText-pdf (254 KB)]

M. Bousselsal, B. Brighi
Rank-One-Convex and Quasiconvex Envelopes for Functions Depending on Quadratic Forms
305--321 [FullText-pdf (232 KB)]

M. Guessous
An Elementary Proof of Komlos-Revesz Theorem in Hilbert Space
321--332 [FullText-pdf (187 KB)]

D. Pallaschke, R. Urbanski
Decompositions of Compact Convex Sets
333--342 [FullText-pdf (180 KB)]

G. Buttazzo, P. Guasoni
Shape Optimization Problems over Classes of Convex Domains
343--352 [FullText-pdf (192 KB)]

B. Kawohl, J. Lang
Are Some Optimal Shape Problems Convex?
353--362 [FullText-pdf (200 KB)]

M. Asche
On the Structure of Nash Equilibrium Sets in Partially Convex Games
363--372 [FullText-pdf (217 KB)]

M. L. Radulescu, F. H. Clarke
Geometric Approximation of Proximal Normals
373--380 [FullText-pdf (169 KB)]

M. Laghdir, M. D. P. Monteiro Marques
Measure-Differential Inclusions in Percussional Dynamics
381--394 [FullText-pdf (231 KB)]