Journal of Convex Analysis

Volume 3 (1996)

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Number 1

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H. Attouch, M. Thera
A General Duality Principle for the Sum of Two Operators
001--024 [FullText-pdf (206 KB)]

E. J. Balder, C. Hess
Two Generalizations of Komlos' Theorem with Lower Closure-Type Applications
025--044 [FullText-pdf (205 KB)]

A. L. Dontchev
The Graves Theorem Revisited
045--054 [FullText-pdf (120 KB)]

J.-B. Hiriart-Urruty, Yu. S. Ledyaev
A Note on the Characterization of the Global Maxima of a (Tangentially) Convex Function Over a Convex Set
055--062 [FullText-pdf (122 KB)]

B. Lemaire
An Asymptotical Variational Principle Associated with the Steepest Descent Method for a Convex Function
063--070 [FullText-pdf (125 KB)]

W. Oettli, M. Yamasaki
Existence of Feasible Potentials on Infinite Networks
071--082 [FullText-pdf (138 KB)]

D. Pallaschke, R. Urbanski
A Continuum of Minimal Pairs of Compact Convex Sets which are not Connected by Translations
083--096 [FullText-pdf (138 KB)]

J.-P. Penot
Favorable Classes of Mappings and Multimappings in Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization
097--116 [FullText-pdf (205 KB)]

J. Read
A Bornological Approach to Rotundity and Smoothness Applied to Approximation
117--140 [FullText-pdf (251 KB)]

S. Traore, M. Volle
On the level sum of two convex functions on Banach spaces
141--152 [FullText-pdf (146 KB)]

L. Qi, R. S. Womersley
On Extreme Singular Values of Matrix Valued Functions
153--166 [FullText-pdf (141 KB)]
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A. Corbo Esposito, R. De Arcangelis
A Characterization of Sets of Functions and Distributions on RN Described by Constraints on the Gradient
167--194 [FullText-pdf (226 KB)]

Dinh The Luc, S. Schaible
Generalized Monotone Nonsmooth Maps
195--206 [FullText-pdf (124 KB)]

J.-P. Penot
Subdifferential Calculus Without Qualification Assumption
207--220 [FullText-pdf (152 KB)]

V. Casarino, D. Percivale
A Variational Model for Non Linear Elastic Plates
221--244 [FullText-pdf (188 KB)]

A. Choukairi-Dini
On Almost Sure Convergence of Vector Valued Pramarts and Multivalued Pramarts
245--254 [FullText-pdf (128 KB)]

C. Lemarechal, C. Sagastizabal
More Than First-Order Developments of Convex Functions: Primal-Dual Relations
255--268 [FullText-pdf (157 KB)]

L. Malaguti
Monotone Trajectories of Differential Inclusions in Banach Spaces
269--282 [FullText-pdf (159 KB)]

L. Hola, R. Lucchetti
Polishness of Weak Topologies Generated by Gap and Excess Functionals
283--294 [FullText-pdf (138 KB)]

E. El Haddad, R. Deville
The Viscosity Subdifferential of the Sum of Two Functions in Banach Spaces. I: First Order Case
295--308 [FullText-pdf (157 KB)]

D. Aze, A. Rahmouni
On Primal-Dual Stability in Convex Optimization
309--328 [FullText-pdf (178 KB)]

T. Roubicek
Numerical Approximation of Relaxed Variational Problems
329--348 [FullText-pdf (215 KB)]

R. Becker
A New Tool in the Theory of Integral Representation
349--360 [FullText-pdf (136 KB)]

L. Boccardo, T. Gallouet
Summability of the Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Equations with Right Hand Side Measures
361--366 [FullText-pdf (100 KB)]

Dinh The Luc
A Resolution of Simons' Maximal Monotonicity Problem
367--370 [FullText-pdf (80 KB)]

T. Ando
Bounds for Anti-Distance
371--374 [FullText-pdf (86 KB)]