Journal of Convex Analysis

Volume 1 (1994)

 Number 1, Number 2 

Number 1

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H. Attouch, J.-B. Baillon, M. Thera
Variational Sum of Monotone Operators
001--030 [FullText-pdf (238 KB)]

G. Alberti, P. Majer
Gap Phenomenon for Some Autonomous Functionals
031--046 [FullText-pdf (168 KB)]

Y. Li, S. Shi
Differentiability of Convex Functions on a Banach Space with Smooth Bump Function
047--060 [FullText-pdf (160 KB)]

J. Borwein, S. Fitzpatrick, J. Vanderwerff
Examples of Convex Functions and Classifications of Normed Spaces
061--074 [FullText-pdf (156 KB)]

B. Lemaire
Bounded Diagonally Stationary Sequences in Convex Optimization
075--086 [FullText-pdf (155 KB)]

A. Verona, M. E. Verona
Epiconvergence and Epsilon-Subgradients of Convex Functions
087--100 [FullText-pdf (167 KB)]

J. Saint-Pierre, M. Valadier
An Attempt of Characterization of Functions with Sharp Weakly Complete Epigraphs
101--106 [FullText-pdf (101 KB)]

A. Barbati, G. Beer, C. Hess
The Hausdorff Metric Topology, the Attouch-Wets Topology, and the Measurability of Set-Valued Functions
107--120 [FullText-pdf (164 KB)]
Number 2

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H. Riahi
Topological Degree for Maximal Monotone Operators and Application to Parametric Optimization Problems
121--134 [[FullText-pdf (151 KB)]

V. Chiado Piat, F. Serra Cassano
Some Remarks About the Density of Smooth Functions in Weighted Sobolev Spaces
135--142 [[FullText-pdf (125 KB)]

C. Malivert, N. Boissard
Structure of Efficient Sets for Strictly Quasi Convex Objectives
143--150 [FullText-pdf (124 KB)]

P. Brandi, A. Salvadori
On Lower Semicontinuity in BV Setting
151--172 [FullText-pdf (192 KB)]

R. Lucchetti, A. Pasquale
A New Approach to a Hyperspace Theory
173--194 [FullText-pdf (206 KB)]

D. Aussel, J.-N. Corvellec, M. Lassonde
Subdifferential Characterization of Quasiconvexity and Convexity
195--202 [FullText-pdf (108 KB)]

M. Volle
The Use of Monotone Norms in Epigraphical Analysis
203--224 [FullText-pdf (183 KB)]

E. G. F. Thomas
Integral Representations in Conuclear Cones
225--258 [FullText-pdf (284 KB)]

F. Brock
A Reverse Convolution-Inequality
259--264 [FullText-pdf (96 KB)]