Journal of Convex Analysis

Volume 30 (2023)

  Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4

Number 1

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K. Teixeira
On Zolezzi's Theorem for Infinite Measure Spaces
1--4 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Vicanovic, B. Marinkovic
Necessary Optimality Conditions for Convex Continuous-Time Optimization Problems
5--16 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Hantoute, A. Jourani
Subdifferential and Conjugate Calculus of Integral Functions with and without Qualification Conditions
17--49 [Abstract / Full Text]

G. Cassese
A Minimax Lemma and its Applications
47--64 [Abstract / Full Text]

L. Bernal-González, J. Fernández-Sánchez, J. B. Seoane-Sepulveda, W. Trutschnig
On Special Partitions of [0,1] and Lineability within Families of Bounded Variation Functions
65--80 [Abstract / Full Text]

J.-F. Babadjian, R. Llerena
Mixed Boundary Conditions as Limits of Dissipative Boundary Conditions in Dynamic Perfect Plasticity
81--110 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. G. Kim, C. Y. Lee, U. Jeong
The Norming Set of a Bilinear Form on R2 with the Octagonal Norm
111--130 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Pulgarín
Competitive Equilibrium in Affine Economies
131--142 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Solow, F. Fu
On the Roots of Convex Functions
143--157 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. R. Alimov, I. G. Tsar'kov
Max-Solar Properties of Sets in Normed and Asymmetrically Normed Spaces
159--174 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. M. A. Salirrosas
On Concentration Behavior and Multiplicity of Solutions for a System in RN
175--204 [Abstract / Full Text]

V. Soltan
Extreme Points of Convex Sets
205--216 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Carioni, J. Fischer, A. Schloemerkemper
External Forces in the Continuum Limit of Discrete Systems with Non-Convex Interaction Potentials: Compactness for a Γ-Development
217--247 [Abstract / Full Text]

L. H. Trang, N. T. Le, P. T. An
Finding Approximately Convex Ropes in the Plane
249--270 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Brojbeanu, C. Pintea
Properties of the Level Sets of Some Products of Functions
271--294 [Abstract / Full Text]

N. Pischke
Quantitative Results on Algorithms for Zeros of Differences of Monotone Operators in Hilbert Space
295--315 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Pérez-Aros, L. Thibault
More on Connexions Between Subdifferential and Weak Compactness of Sublevels
317--328 [Abstract / Full Text]

C. A. De Bernardi, L. Vesely
Rotundity Properties, and Non-Extendability of Lipschitz Quasiconvex Functions
329--342 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. Gloeckner
Diffeomorphism Groups of Convex Polytopes
343--358 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Bessenyei, E. Pénzes
Support Theorems for Generalized Monotone Functions
359--369 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Bankston, A. McCluskey
On Betweenness and Equidistance in Metric Spaces
371--400 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Sain, A. Mal, P. Bhunia, K. Paul
Corrigendum to "On Numerical Radius and Crawford Number Attainment Sets of a Bounded Linear Operator"
401--401 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 2

  [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]

Numbers 2, 3 and 4 of this Volume are dedicated to Roger J-B Wets on the occasion of his 85th birthday.

Photograph of R. J-B Wets

The following articles are so far only available in electronic form.
The printed versions will be published in July 2023.

T. Hoheisel, J. O. Royset
Foreword to Volume 30, Number 2--4
403--406 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. J-B Wets
From Stochastic Programming to Variational Analysis
407--411 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. Adly, H. Attouch, R. T. Rockafellar
Preservation or Not of the Maximally Monotone Property by Graph-Convergence
413--440 [Abstract / Full Text]

Z. Artstein, A. Shapira
Samplings from the Values of Random Convex Sets
441--452 [Abstract / Full Text]

F. Atenas, C. Sagastizábal
A Bundle-Like Progressive Hedging Algorithm
453--479 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Bagh
Existence and Statistical Estimation of Equilibria in Stochastic Electoral Competitions
481--498 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. H. Bauschke, S. Singh, X. Wang
On Carlier's Inequality
499--514 [Abstract / Full Text]

G. Beer, E. A. Ok
Embedding of Topological Posets in Hyperspaces
515--540 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Benko, P. Mehlitz
Why Second-Order Sufficient Conditions are, in a Way, Easy -- or -- Revisiting the Calculus for Second Subderivatives
541--589 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Bernis, P. Bettiol
Hamilton-Jacobi Equation for State Constrained Bolza Problems with Discontinuous Time Dependence: a Characterization of the Value Function
591--614 [Abstract / Full Text]

G. Buttazzo
On the Continuity of the Continuous Steiner Symmetrization
615--626 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Carpentier, J.-P. Chancelier, M. De Lara, T. Martin, T. Rigaut
Time Block Decomposition of Multistage Stochastic Optimization Problems
627--658 [Abstract / Full Text]

C. Castaing, L. Thibault
Various Perturbations and Relaxations of the Sweeping Process
659--742 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 3

  [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]

The following articles are so far only available in electronic form.
The printed versions will be published in September 2023.

J.-P. Chancelier, M. De Lara
Orthant-Strictly Monotonic Norms, Generalized Top-k and k-Support Norms and the l0 Pseudonorm
743--769 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. Cibulka, T. Roubal
A Quest for Simple and Unified Proofs in Regularity Theory: Perturbation Stability
771--792 [Abstract / Full Text]

Y. Cui, J. Liu, J.-S. Pang
The Minimization of Piecewise Functions: Pseudo Stationarity
793--834 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. V. Cuong, B. S. Mordukhovich, N. M. Nam, G. Sandine
Revisiting Rockafellar's Theorem on Relative Interiors of Convex Graphs with Applications to Convex Generalized Differentiation
835--850 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Dambrine, A. A. Khan, M. Sama, H.-J. Starkloff
Stochastic Elliptic Inverse Problems. Solvability, Convergence Rates, Discretization, and Applications
851--885 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. De Lara
Duality Between Lagrangians and Rockafellians
887--896 [Abstract / Full Text]

P. Dommel, A. Pichler
Dynamic Programming For Data Independent Decision Sets
897--916 [Abstract / Full Text]

E. A. Feinberg, P. O. Kasyanov, J. O. Royset
Epi-Convergence of Expectation Functions under Varying Measures and Integrands
917--936 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. D. Flam
By Bid-Ask Spreads towards Competitive Equilibrium
937--950 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Forcier, V. Leclčre
Trajectory Following Dynamic Programming Algorithms without Finite Support Assumptions
951--999 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. Gfrerer, J. V. Outrata
On the Isolated Calmness Property of Implicitly Defined Multifunctions
1001--1023 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Gugat, H. Heitsch, R. Henrion
A Turnpike Property for Optimal Control Problems with Dynamic Probabilistic Constraints
1025--1052 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Hantoute, A. Jourani, J. Vicente-Pérez
Lebesgue Infinite Sums of Convex Functions: Subdifferential Calculus
1053--1072 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 4

  [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]

The following articles are so far only available in electronic form.
The printed versions will be published in November 2023.

Hermer, D. R. Luke, A. Sturm
Nonexpansive Markov Operators and Random Function Iterations for Stochastic Fixed Point Problems
1073--1114 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Jofré, R. T. Rockafellar, R. J-B Wets
On the Stability and Evolution of Economic Equilibrium
1115--1138 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Konstantinov, N. Zlateva
Epigraphical Characterization of Uniformly Lower Regular Functions in Hilbert Spaces
1139--1153 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. B. Levy
Periodic and Attraction-Stifling Behavior in Numerical Minimization
1155--1172 [Abstract / Full Text]

X. Ma, W. Yao, J. J. Ye, J. Zhang
Combined Approach with Second-Order Optimality Conditions for Bilevel Programming Problems
1173--1201 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. E. Martínez-Legaz, C. Pintea
On the Gauss Range of a Closed Convex Set
1203--1216 [Abstract / Full Text]

F. Nacry, V. A. T. Nguyen, L. Thibault
Farthest Distance Function to Strongly Convex Sets
1217--1240 [Abstract / Full Text]

T. Pennanen, A.-P. Perkkiö
Dynamic Programming in Convex Stochastic Optimization
1241--1283 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Seeger, D. Sossa
Cone-Constrained Singular Value Problems
1285--1306 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Shapiro
On the Differentiability of Symmetric Matrix Valued Functions
1307--1317 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Wachsmuth, G. Wachsmuth
A Simple Proof of the Baillon-Haddad Theorem on Open Subsets of Hilbert Spaces
1319--1328 [Abstract / Full Text]

Z. Wei, M. Théra, J.-C. Yao
Primal Characterizations of Error Bounds for Composite-Convex Inequalities
1329--1350 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Zagrodny
Properties of the Fréchet Derivative of the Fenchel Conjugate of the Antidistance Function
1351--1378 [Abstract / Full Text]

T. Zolezzi
A Lower Bound for a Condition Number Theorem of Variational Inequalities
1379--1390 [Abstract / Full Text]