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Volume 3

Jiri Adamek, Horst Herrlich, George E. Strecker

Abstract and Concrete Categories. The Joy of Cats

ISBN 978-3-88538-703-9, 2007

This book was formerly published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc., in 1990, and after several reprints, the book has been sold out and remained unavailable for several years. We now present an improved and corrected version as an open access file. This was made possible due to the return of the copyright to the authors, and due to many hours of hard work and the exceptional skill of Christoph Schubert, to whom we wish to express our profound gratitude. The illustrations of Edward Gorey are unfortunately missing in this electronic version (for copyright reasons), but fortunately additional original illustrations by Marcel Erné, to whom additional special thanks of the authors belong, counterbalance the loss.
Open access includes the right of any reader to copy, store or distribute the book or parts of it freely. (See the GNU Free Documentation License on page 512 of the pdf-file.)

Besides the acknowledgements appearing at the end of the original preface (see page 4 of the pdf-file), we wish to thank all those who have helped to eliminate mistakes that survived the first printing of the text, particularly H. Bargenda, J. Juerjens, W. Meyer, L. Schroeder, A. M. Torkabud, and O. Wyler.

Chapter Headings

0: Introduction
1: Categories, Functors, and Natural Transformations
2: Objects and Morphisms
3: Sources and Sinks
4: Factorization Structures
5: Adjoints and Monads
6: Topological and Algebraic Categories
7: Cartesian Closedness and Partial Morphisms
8: Bibliography
9: Tables, Index

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