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Sigma Series in Stochastics, Volume 1, 135--146
Heldermann Verlag 2004

The Curriculum Issue: Where, When and How Can We Teach Stochastics?

Monica Dumitrescu
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics, Bucharest, Romania

The starting point of this discussion is the necessity of a clearly defined science stochastics and its precise situation among other exact sciences. The lectures and the discussions in our Symposium have already emphasized the fact that stochastics should be an independent science, with strong correlations with most of other sciences. The nowadays ever increasing globalization has its correspondent in the increasing interdependence of sciences, but each science has specified goals and tools -- in respect with each other and towards the real world. One of the important issues which need to be discussed is education in stochastics. Why is it necessary? Where, when and by whom could science stochastics be taught? This paper is an attempt to answer these questions.