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Sigma Series in Stochastics, Volume 1, 23--36
Heldermann Verlag 2004

Stochastics: The Science of Modelling, Measuring and Mastering Randomness and Uncertainty

Ulrich Herkenrath
Gerhard-Mercator-Universitšt, Duisburg, Germany

Stochastics is introduced in the sense of Jakob Bernoulli and it is claimed that Bernoulli's aims and expectations are nowadays widely ignored. Since Todhunter, stochastics has been regarded as a part of mathematics generating stochasticians which are torn between mathematics and application. The paper calls for leaving the "golden cage" of mathematics and for developing stochastics as a science of randomness and uncertainty in the spirit of Jakob Bernoulli. The paper is concluded by a short characterization of stochastics and its significance as an extension of natural sciences.