Journal of Lie Theory

Volume 27 (2017)

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J. Witte
Nilpotent Orbits: Finiteness, Separability and Howe's Conjecture
1--42 [Abstract / Full Text]

T. Draghici, H. Leon
On the Cohomology of Four-Dimensional Almost Complex Lie Algebras
43--49 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Saito
Limits of Jordan Lie Subalgebras
51--84 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Fischer
Lattices of Oscillator Groups
85--110 [Abstract / Full Text]

W. Xiao
Dirac Operators and Cohomology for Lie Superalgebra of Type I
111--121 [Abstract / Full Text]

Y. Z. Flicker
Local Integrability of Characters on GL(2), Orbital Integrals, Germs
123--137 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Wang, C. Xia
Diameters of the Commuting Graphs of Simple Lie Algebras
139--154 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. K. Sutherland
Generalizations of the Cartan and Iwasawa Decompositions for SL2(k)
155--176 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. G. Cowling, A. Ottazzi
Structure of Stratified Groups. I: Product Decompositions
177--183 [Abstract / Full Text]

X. Liu
Generalization of some Inequalities for Matrix Exponentials to Lie Groups
185--192 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. E. Fels
On the Construction of Simply Connected Solvable Lie Groups
193--215 [Abstract / Full Text]

D. Brice
On Derivations of Parabolic Lie Algebras
217--236 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Rabaoui
On Functions of Negative Type on the Olshanski Spherical Pair (SL(∞), SU(∞))
237--250 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. M. Garge, A. Nebhani
Schur-Weyl Duality for Special Orthogonal Groups
251--270 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. Darabi, F. Saeedi
On the Schur Multiplier of n-Lie Algebras
271--281 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. R. Brox, A. Fernández López, M. Gómez Lozano
Clifford Elements in Lie Algebras
283--296 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 2 [Back] [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]
W. A. Johnson
Multivariate Hilbert Series of Lattice Cones
297--314 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. Campoamor-Stursberg
Cohomological Rigidity of the Schrödinger Algebra S(N) and its Central Extension hat(S(N))
315--328 [Abstract / Full Text]

O. Esen, H. Gümral
Tulczyjew's Triplet for Lie Groups. II: Dynamics
329--356 [Abstract / Full Text]

T. Xue
Springer Correspondence for Exceptional Lie Algebras and their Duals in Small Characteristic
357--375 [Abstract / Full Text]

Z. Nie
Toda Field Theories and Integral Curves of Standard Differential Systems
377--395 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Gurevich
A Distributional Treatment of Relative Mirabolic Multiplicity One
397--417 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Roche, C. R. Vinroot
Dualizing Involutions for Classical and Similitude Groups over Local Non-Archimedean Fields
419--434 [Abstract / Full Text]

B. N. Chary, S. S. Kannan
Rigidity of Bott-Samelson-Demazure-Hansen Variety for PSp(2n, C)
435--468 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Tomie, Y. Yoshii
Reduced Hyperbolic Root Systems of Rank 2
469--499 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Felder
On the Irrationality of Certain Coefficients of the Alekseev-Torossian Associator
501--528 [Abstract / Full Text]

Y. Nikolayevsky, I. Tsartsaflis
Cohomology of N-Graded Lie Algebras of Maximal Class over Z2
529--544 [Abstract / Full Text]

S. Celik
A New Z3-Graded Quantum Group
545--554 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Bordemann, F. Wagemann
Global Integration of Leibniz Algebras
555--567 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Kabenyuk
Compact Elements in Connected Lie Groups
569--578 [Abstract / Full Text]

C. Esposito, P. Stapor, S. Waldmann
Convergence of the Gutt Star Product
579--622 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 3 [Back] [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]
E. L. Grinberg, S. G. Jackson
On the Kernel of the Maximal Flat Radon Transform on Symmetric Spaces of Compact Type
623--636 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Wang
On the Reductive Monoid Associated to a Parabolic Subgroup
637--655 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Budden, G. Goehle
Local Coefficient Matrices and the Metaplectic Correspondence
657--670 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Hu, J. Zhang
On Involutions in Weyl Groups
671--706 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Pike
Quivers and Three Dimensional Solvable Lie Algebras
707--726 [Abstract / Full Text]

H. Gan, Y. Tan
Local Lie Algebras and some Kac-Moody Algebras of Indefinite Type
727--744 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. J. Archbold, E. Kaniuth
Topological Frobenius Reciprocity for Representations of Nilpotent Groups and Motion Groups
745--769 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Libine
The Two-Loop Ladder Diagram and Representations of U(2,2)
771--800 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. S. Tanaka, H. Tasaki
Maximal Antipodal Subgroups of some Compact Classical Lie Groups
801--829 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Boyer
Harish-Chandra's Schwartz Algebras Associated with Discrete Subgroups of Semisimple Lie Groups
831--844 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. A. Wolf
Stepwise Square Integrability for Nilradicals of Parabolic Subgroups and Maximal Amenable Subgroups
845--886 [Abstract / Full Text]

V. Gubarev, P. Kolesnikov
Gröbner-Shirshov Basis of the Universal Enveloping Rota-Baxter Algebra of a Lie Algebra
887--905 [Abstract / Full Text]

Number 4 [Back] [No. 1] [No. 2] [No. 3] [No. 4]
The following articles have so far only been published electronically.
The printed version will be published in December 2017.

M. W. Hirsch
Zero Sets of Abelian Lie Algebras of Vector Fields
907--914 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. J. Alonso-Blanco, J. Muñoz-Díaz
Primary Spectrum of C(M) and Jet Theory
915--941 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Haji-Badali, R. Karami
Ricci Solitons on Four-dimensional Neutral Lie Groups
943--967 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. C. Jantzen
Restrictions from gln to sln
969--981 [Abstract / Full Text]

V. Cortés, B. Meinke
Pseudo-Riemannian Almost Hypercomplex Homogeneous Spaces with Irreducible Isotropy
982--993 [Abstract / Full Text]

Y. Yoshii
Primitive Idempotents of the Hyperalgebra for the $r$-th Frobenius kernel of SL(2,k)
995--1026 [Abstract / Full Text]

J. Malkoun, N. Nahlus
Commutators and Cartan Subalgebras in Lie Algebras of Compact Semisimple Lie Groups
1027--1032 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Duflo, E. Galina, J. A. Vargas
Square Integrable Representations of Reductive Lie Groups with Admissible Restriction to SL2(R)
1033--1056 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Petravchuk, K. Sysak
On Lie Algebras Consisting of Locally Nilpotent Derivations
1057--1068 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Chmutov, C. Hoyt, S. Reif
A Weyl-Type Character Formula for PDC Modules of gl(m|n)
1069--1088 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. Chatbouri
Representations of Hom-Right Symmetric Algebras
1089--1105 [Abstract / Full Text]

A. Alazemi, M. Bani-Ata
On Construction of the Maximal Parabolic Subgroup P1 of E6(K) for Fields K of Characteristic Two
1107--1118 [Abstract / Full Text]

J.-R. Li, L. Qiao
Three-Term Recurrence Relations of Minimal Affinizations of Type G2
1119--1140 [Abstract / Full Text]

B. Kruglikov, H. Winther
Reconstruction from Representations: Jacobi via Cohomology
1141--1150 [Abstract / Full Text]

M. Murray, D. M. Roberts, C. Wockel
Quasi-Periodic Paths and a String 2-Group Model from the Free Loop Group
1151--1177 [Abstract / Full Text]

R. Quiroga-Barranco, E. Roblero-Méndez
Rigidity of an Isometric SL(3,R)-Action
1179--1197 [Abstract / Full Text]